Your Mother-in-law Can Be An Unconditional Friend

Dealing with the first visit to your partner’s house is not easy, but here you will find little tips to get to know the much dreaded mother-in-law.

For many people, human relationships are not easy. And this is exacerbated when you have to start interacting with the most feared character in history, the mother-in-law. From the first time we visit our partner’s house, our worst existential fears are usually awakened, because we enter a territory that is not ours. We do not know how they will receive us, if she will be a sweet woman willing to meet us, or if she will want to see us away from her life as soon as possible.

The best we can do is achieve a good relationship or, in the best of cases, a friendship and an ally in times of crisis. Let me give you some tips on how to start building a great relationship:

  • Always be courteous. There is a popular saying that says: “the courteous does not take away the brave.” By this we mean that, even though the reception is somewhat “dry”, you always be nice. Remember that the process is complicated for both parties; suddenly a stranger (you) enters her life to stay. Always say hello with a smile, shake her hand, be willing to start a pleasant conversation.

  • Make it part of the relationship. With this I am not saying that you consider her for everything, but let her know that it is important for you to maintain a good relationship with her; invite her to your house, appreciate her advice and little details. If they are already married, encourage her to witness important family events, for example, birthdays, births, celebrations, etc. You will see that their help and experience can be a great contribution.

  • Be grateful for the details you have with you and your family. Many mothers-in-law are sweet women who always try to give their best; So if your mother-in-law gives you something, call her to thank her. It does not matter if what she has given you is not totally to your liking, the details can make a difference and begin to create a path that leads to friendship.

  • Never speak ill of your partner in front of her. No mother likes to hear the thousand defects that her child may have, so I recommend that you do not let him know everything that bothers you about your partner, leave that to talk with your pillow or with your mother. Thank her for raising the beautiful person who has become your partner.

  • Take the time to get to know her. Building relationships is not easy and they need time to solidify. Look for common interests, talk often to understand their way of being. Do not forget that just like you, she loves your partner and only wants their well-being.

  • Clear up misunderstandings. Do not wait for time to pass and make your relationship stormy, it is better to settle your differences by talking, making it clear what the limits of each one are. Of course, always do it in a respectful and sweet way.

  • Give him his space. Allow her to spend time alone with your child; it is necessary so that they too can strengthen their relationship.

  • Don’t compete with her.
    They say that “the devil knows more for being old, than for being the devil”, and she undoubtedly knows her son like the back of her hand; you know their tastes, interests and just by looking at it you can guess what they are thinking. This is not a reason to compete, your partner noticed you for your multiple qualities, therefore, it shines with its own light.

Always remember that family relationships are not entirely easy, but that with a little love we can make them successful, and it may even be that over time you will gain an unconditional friend that you can turn to for a little help, with whom you can talk openly or to leave the children when you need a romantic getaway with your partner. Never forget that the love of a mother and that of a couple are not at all different, but that both parties want the best for the person they love so much.

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