Your Family Should Always Have Your Time And Come First

You only have one life and one family, don’t waste your time or you will regret it.

The loss of someone we love confronts us not only with the harshest reality; In addition, it makes us aware of the things we stopped doing with that person. But that death it hurts more, if it is that of a child.

Life does not give you an extension

My mother often says that we do not have a bought life, and it is true; however, sometimes we live as if we were going to live forever, discarding or leaving aside what really matters: family.

This was just what happened to Jr Storment, an American man who realized in the worst way that what matters most is the time he spends with his children.

Storment’s 8-year-old son suffered from epilepsy. One night while sleeping, the boy drowned due to a seizure he suffered, and unfortunately lost his life on the spot. The painful thing about the situation is that Storge put his work before going out and spending time with his son, and now he regrets it.

It is because of this that he recommends today to all parents not to do what he did: give priority to work over children.

Everything has its time and place

Work is important, it is thanks to well-paid and pleasant work that we feel fulfilled. But over time – and more if you feel that you have not done things in the proper way – you realize that that job and all the money earned are nothing next to a phone call in the middle of an office meeting that informs you that your son died and that you were not present to be with him.

That is what happened to this sorrowful and repentant father. He also had to wait a long time to see him again, be with him and give him one last goodbye.

Now, aware of his mistakes and that he cannot turn back the weatherTo make a difference, she encourages other parents to take advantage of all the time they have available to spend with their children and the rest of their family. This, sadly, he learned in the worst way, because people who love each other do not last forever.

It’s not supposed to be easy, but you need to know how to balance

This life, whatever belief you have, is for learning. There are two ways to do it: the easy way or the hard way.

When you choose the first, chances are you will suffer less or not at all. You learn easily when you see the consequences of mistakes in the lives of others or when you follow advice or use your common sense.

But if you choose the second, you will go through all the pains that bad experiences bring. And that was what Storment experienced with the death of his son and that is why, from his own suffering, he invites people not to make the same mistakes as him.

We can dare to judge his actions and say that ” how can it be possible that he prioritized his work over his children . Even so, I assure you that none of us think that a fatality can happen to a happy family, and less if it is a child.

The point is, many take death lightly. In addition, they live day to day as if there is no tomorrow and do not take into account the consequences of their actions. This is how repentance comes, but it is too late for it, it only remains not to follow the same path.

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality

This is something that many parents confuse. You can spend a lot of time at home with your children and wife, and be a shadow on the sofa that moves your finger on the control to change the channels of the TV. You are wrong if you think that is spending time with family.

They may just be alternate weekends; The point is that you use those two weekends or two Saturdays a month to go biking with your children, go to church, have a picnic, watch movies on TV, do puzzles or help them do homework.

I can remember my father playing hide and seek with us, taking us for a walk every so often to a river in a nearby town, going shopping at the supermarket and even telling us jokes. My father is the kind of man who gives advice “loud and clear”, never beats around the bush or says things in disguise; Those are the things that I most admire and remember about him in my childhood and adulthood.

On the other hand, my mother was always a woman who helped us do our homework. We also used to go shopping and then to our favorite fast food restaurant; and as an adult she has taught me a lot about life. Seriously, the day they are no longer with me, it will be what I most remember and miss about my parents.

It is never too late to appreciate what can be done for those you love; it is all you can leave them and they will leave us, and that is what will last a lifetime.


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