Your Children Need Correct Models

A soccer player, a teacher, his father, an artist or a criminal. Do you know who your children’s super hero is and who are they trying to imitate or follow in his footsteps? Find out before it’s too late.

When you were a young girl, who did you most admire in this world? Did you want to be like someone special? How was your experience?

When we talk about admiring someone, we generally think of some famous sportsman, a popular or renowned artist or a science fiction superhero, or well, at least that was a few years ago because today our youngsters are falling into the trap of admire and wish to be something or someone totally destructive to oneself or society.

We all have the need to admire or follow someone

It is part of our nature to follow or admire something that we lack or that we would like to become. Young children find in their parents models from which they will learn to behave, react and act. When they grow up they look around for that something or someone that inspires them and it is more than common to hear the phrase I want to be like her! When I grow up I will be like this! That is why it is so important to verify that who is the role model of your child because she will most likely do the impossible to look like her.

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We must offer healthy, correct and appropriate models

If we are already clear that we all need inspiration, it is wise to offer models that really inspire and encourage your children both to be better, and to develop their skills. Talk to your children about the men who have made a difference in this world, tell them about the great heroes of history, the scientists who changed the course of humanity and all those who have left a good mark on this planet.

Since my adolescence I have something that I call “My inspirational wall” which is nothing more than a piece of cork on the wall next to my bed where I paste photos of people who inspire me to do something or be a better person. I have a photo of Katherine Switzre, the first woman to run a marathon when it was forbidden for women to do so, Cassius Clay the boxer and many more, my daughters have their own. For me it is very interesting to see how what you admire shapes your life.

It is our duty to help them distinguish right from wrong

Today, the world presents young immoral and wrong role models and heroes, portraying them as if they are the best in this world, or represent what everyone wishes to become. Girls are sold the idea of ​​being uneducated, beautiful, thin, wearing little clothes to look very attractive, and riding in expensive vehicles with any kind of ruffians. If we do not raise our voice saying clearly that this is not correct, soon our children will dress, speak and behave like television and the media tell them to do so.

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It is important that they are not influenced

When you watch TV, listen to music or surf the net, identify together with your children those phrases where they are told what to do, what to buy and how people or the youngest can come to believe it and think that this is correct.

Encourage them to make decisions based on personal reflections and not have others do it for them.

Become his super hero

The first hero of a child is his father and should not stop being it. Strive to live an upright, kind and happy life, over the years your children will always have a moral reference that tells them how to do the right thing, how to react when they have difficulties and they will know that you will always be there to help them and that is truly, a super hero!

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