Your Child Could Be An Indigo Child If He Has These 10 Traits

A blessing or a problem to be addressed? Find out if your child has these characteristics

It is true that parents always gloat over the capabilities of our children. “My son is 5 years old and already knows how to read”, “Mine plays chess perfectly”, “My little one walked at 9 months”. It is logical that we see our children special, because in fact they are special to us. But what if they are really so special as to differentiate themselves from the rest and prove to be superior in some areas? We could be talking about an indigo child.

What is an indigo child?

According to the astrological stream of the “New Age”, the indigo children represent a higher stage in human evolution. The adjective “indigo”, referring to color, arises from the belief that these children would have an aura of that shade of blue. Indigo children are said to have a superior mindset, and a different view of things and life. According to the fervent believers of this current, the indigo children are coming en masse to earth to populate humanity with new ideals and to bring about a comprehensive social and spiritual transformation.

It was a parapsychologist named Nancy Ann Tappe, who in the 1980s published a book in which she talked about a phenomenon that she had noticed in recent years. She did a study that led to an association with children and colors, and it turned out that those associated with indigo were special and different from others. A doctor who worked with her called her to see her baby: “I verified that her aura showed a new color that I did not have in my system,” said the woman. The experience of the parapsychologist inspired the authors of self-help texts Lee Carroll and Jan Tober to publish the first book on the subject called ” Indigo Children “.

And what would an indigo child look like?

After many analyzes and studies including research by psychologists, parapsychologists, astrologers and scientists, it was found that the aura of indigo children is of a special color. However, for some skeptics the explanation is not enough, since there is certainly no empirical way to verify the existence of the aura, and not everyone can see it. For followers of this theory, there are some characteristics that indigo children develop that make them different from other children:

  1. They have great sensitivity and empathy

  2. They are too restless and active

  3. They have the ability to focus on several things at once

  4. Does not respond easily to authority and respects only if you respect him

  5. If he is still a baby and does not speak, he communicates through his eyes

  6. They are thoughtful and like the company of older people

  7. They have great intuition and could be telepathic.

  8. They like to do things their own way without being imposed by rules

  9. It is difficult for them to conform to a pre-established structure

  10. They like to control what happens around them

Is my child an indigo child or just a rebellious child?

So far, the characteristics could clearly fit any child who is a bit rambunctious. That is why there are some currents detractors of this toría that say that the behaviors of the child have more to do with modern parents and their tendency to justify the behavior of their children.

Dr. Andrés Rascovsky, scientific secretary of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association expresses: «in reality it is not the children, but the reading that one does. It has to do with parents who prefer not to concern themselves with the uniqueness of their children. I would be reluctant to catalog them, but I do believe that attention must be paid to the revealing symptom of deep conflicts that parents tend to ignore, resting on magical categories . With this, he is simply meaning that a father, faced with a disobedient and authoritarian son, prefers to classify him as an indigo child rather than set limits on him.

The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Daniel Rodríguez, director of the Department of Community Mental Health at the National University of Lanús, Argentina, also maintains that “ with the indigo child we are witnessing a way of turning a defect into a virtue. And from a picture clinic of inattention, distraction and lack of school performance is going to promote a human category that will try to save the human species from a set of self-generated plagues ».

And you, what do you think of this theory? Are the indigo children harbingers of a new human species or is it all an invention?

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