Your Baby’s First Steps Are Yours Too; 7 Tips Every First Time Mom Should Know

The arrival of a baby at home can change even the most insignificant details in the family routine: schedules are upset, everyone must begin to settle into a different rhythm of life and even the time to take a quiet shower changes. But some ways not to panic about this beautiful life change are as follows:

Sleep when the baby sleeps

Newborns spend many hours of the day sleeping, generally waking up only when they are hungry, cold, or need a diaper change. But some of them are born with a little disturbed sleep, that is, they sleep during the day and stay awake at night; If this is your case, the best thing you can do is sleep while she does it too, so you will be able to stay active during the day.

Prepare simple dishes

The physical wear and tear of having a baby depletes all the energy reserves you may have. Therefore, it is better that you spend little time in the kitchen. A good tip is that days before your due date, spend a few hours organizing your refrigerator (refrigerator) with portions of chopped vegetables, so that when it comes to cooking everything is easier.

It is normal to feel sad

Women experience postpartum depression, to a greater or lesser extent, but we ALL do. So if you feel that you are very down, surely it is this little process. Either way, it is always good to discuss it with your doctor so that they can see together a suitable way to keep you well.

Things in the house will not move

Do not be upset if you suddenly see that the house is somewhat disorderly, it is absolutely normal that during those days you walk a little slower with the housework. Remember that you must adapt to having a baby at home that requires all your care. If you need help with the order, let your partner or a visitor know, but do not allow yourself to live stressed the most beautiful days of your baby.

Avoid visiting air-conditioned stores or malls

Nobody mentioned this to me when my son was born and as a result we had to hospitalize him for five days, since the symptoms were so many that they could not determine that it was a common cold. Air conditioning in stores is your baby’s worst enemy during the first three months of life, so if you need something, entrust it to someone or leave your baby with someone you trust so you can go shopping with all tranquility.

Forget about the kilos

It does not matter if you gained 4 or 15 kilos during pregnancy, because breastfeeding will make you regain your figure without you noticing. Obviously, it is important that you eat healthy and exercise, the latter always with the authorization of your doctor.

And the last great tip is to ENJOY every stage, every moment and take lots of pictures, because children grow so fast that you will soon see them play with their friends from school.

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