Young Man Observed A Man Dragging A Girl, But A Single Word She Whispers Reveals Her Nightmare

What the young man does next is what every parent would like someone to do for a child in danger.

Fear paralyzes anyone, it is a way of self-defense that allows us to measure the consequences and act prudently in unfavorable situations. Some people have witnessed any type of violence such as: assaults, rapes, kidnappings or murders. But for fear of risking their own lives, they stop and do nothing to help others.

It is something rational and logical, since many times it is unknown how to act in the face of danger and insecurity that we all live day to day. However, there are courageous people who should be recognized for their actions. As is the case shared by Newsner and other media, where a young man observed a man dragging a girl down the street and it seemed to him that it was not normal. Thanks to her intuition and participation, the girl was able to be rescued.

A common day

In Golf Manor, a city in Ohio, a young man named Nazier Elahee was walking down the street of Wiehe Road, when he observed that an older man with a girl was passing by. The strange and unusual thing was that the man held her tightly by his arm and walked very hurriedly. The girl appeared to be afraid, but she did not scream, she had a look of anguish, which asked for “help” without being able to say a word.

The little girl, about 11 years old, had a gesture of anger and terror, towards the man, she constantly looked back, without taking her eyes off Elahee.

An act of bravery

Elahee without thinking about her safety, ran immediately to stop the man and the girl, the only thing that occurred to her was to ask the little girl if she knew the man. The girl fearfully whispered the word “no”, at that moment, she asked the man if he knew the girl and he fearfully asked the young man to withdraw and not get into matters that did not matter to him.

He chased the man down the street from Zee Food Mart until he finally reached the police office. Fortunately, he prevented the strange man from leaving the place, managing to save the girl from an alleged kidnapping.

A suspect

The man did not know the girl and logically the police thought it was a kidnapping. Thanks to the courage of the young man, he avoided a tragedy that could have terrible consequences, from rape or death. Now the man is identified with the name of Jessie Woodard Jr, 37, he is detained and is being processed.


Fortunately, the police obtained the video from the surveillance cameras of the place, it shows the moment where the man grabs and drags the girl by the arm, the young man is observed taking the girl to take him away from the stranger.

The great fear of all parents is that their children will be victims of kidnapping, in a moment of distraction they may disappear, especially if they are small. That is why it is important to take these security measures.

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  • Do not talk with strangers

  • Do not accept gifts (sweets)

  • Don’t get into a car they don’t know

  • Prevent your children from having their names written on a lunch box and uniform (this will prevent the stranger from calling them by name)

  • Dress them in bright colors

  • Establish play areas

  • Teach them to scream and run when they feel danger

  • Show them the safe places and location of the people in charge of security (police)

The safety of our children is a priority, let us avoid that they find themselves in dangerous situations and exposed to being victims of some kidnapping. Stay alert and share the information.

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