Young Man Dies After Crashing Into A Tree; What Caused His Deadly Distraction Is Truly Outrageous

The accident in Brazil reveals an alarming situation. Don’t let it happen to one of yours.

The selfie is defined as a photograph that you take yourself, usually with a smartphone and in turn shared over the internet, according to the Oxford dictionary. The trend has grown more and more every day until it becomes a fashion.

Taking selfies is a fun way, although it can be deadly when people are looking to risk taking a photo. They regularly seek to become famous for a few minutes on social media.

As reported by the BBC, taking a selfie can be more dangerous than swimming with sharks, a study concluded that the main victims are between 15 and 25 years old. The most frequent accidents are falls, then drowned, run over and accidentally triggered.

It may sound like a bad joke, but unfortunately it is not. Deaths occur when people do not focus their attention on their surroundings, forgetting about the risks. As is the case of a 19-year-old young man, who died from taking a photo.

Exclesior and other media, released the news, he had half of his body out of his moving vehicle to take a selfie, while playing and not concentrating on his surroundings, he did not see a tree that was heading towards him and automatically lost his life.

It happened in the municipality of Joboticabla, in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the young man was inside a vehicle, in the company of two friends, he was in the passenger seat. Everyone was taking selfies as a way to have fun.

For some reason the driver of the vehicle lost control just at the moment when the young man took out half of his body to be photographed, they ended up crashed into a tree, she backed off and due to nerves and emotional shock, she again hit a wall . The body of the young man was left hanging in the window.

The police took the victim’s cell phone as a way to clarify the facts. The driver had to be tested for alcoholism, however, it came back negative. Investigations are still ongoing.

Why do people take dangerous selfies?

Just like this story there are many where people take selfies in dangerous places in order to show their audacity, taking any kind of risk. All due to the need for recognition and often low self-esteem. The central problem is one of identity, since humans have a need for identification, it is not about being known, but about being recognized and valued.

Compulsive disorder

The psychologist Mayra Alejandra Torres, explained that people have an emotional alteration, which can be a compulsive disorder, or an alteration in their personality, whose behavior pattern is the need to appear on social networks, through a selfie, as compensation for a poor self-concept, which must be reinforced by society.

Many countries have banned the use of a cell phone while driving, since a second of distraction from manipulating a mobile device while driving does not take more than five seconds to be fatal.

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Teach young people to take precautions

If one of the problems is the lack of identity to be recognized and valued, it is important that parents work together with specialists, to reinforce the self-esteem, security and confidence of their adolescent children.

Opening communication with them, involving them in sports and artistic activities, is a way to distract their mind and prevent them from using the cell phone at all times.

The safety of our children depends on the values ​​and education they receive at home. Love, respect, trust and guidance are the things that young people need to prevent them from taking risks and becoming aware of the dangers when taking selfies in dangerous places.

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