You Are His Wife, Not His Mother! 6 Errors That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Making these mistakes and NOT realizing it is easier than you think. Find out if it is your case and END with them, before you destroy your relationship.

There is no doubt that the way of thinking of some women is a bit strange. I say this because it is not one, but many, who sincerely and pitifully complain about how much they work at home, the office, taking care of the children and caring for the husband. However, when reviewing each of the reasons for their exhaustion and frustration, we find that they are doing everything alone and they do not allow anyone, including their husbands, to help them, on the contrary, they do what they could well do for themselves and in support. of the family.

How do we prevent this from happening and have our husbands collaborate at home, take responsibility, help with the children and take their place as men? A few years ago the job of a man or a father of a family could not be considered to include taking care of children, preparing food or helping with housework. Fortunately, things have improved and many are now integrating very well into family life.

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The machistas and those to whom his wife does not allow them do not collaborate. Is it to be believed? And it is this second group that we will talk about on this occasion. And for this I present six ideas that perhaps you could start to put into practice so that you see your loads lightened:

1. Tasks for him

Everything is easier and simpler when we share it with those we love. From housework to life’s biggest problems, they are easier when everyone cooperates. Your husband is the first strong arm you can trust, reach out to him, talk, let him know that you need him and that his support is very important to you and the family.

2. Let him take responsibility

A mistake that women often make is to think and take for granted that men are not capable of doing housework or taking care of their children, that this “does not suit him.” A woman complained bitterly about the behavioral problems that she had to solve alone with her teenage daughter, so she turned to her husband and asked him to come over to talk. At first, the man did not want to do it, she did not know how, she had never had to discuss these issues with her children, and less with a daughter! The wife trusted him and let him take charge of the situation. In time, father and daughter had developed a good relationship and the problems of adolescence passed. That young girl needed her father.

3. No scolding

Of the many things that wives must stop doing is scolding husbands, because they are not children! And better yet, it is not our young son that we should correct! Find other ways to tell him that you don’t agree with something. Talk to him, reason, but don’t scold him like you do with a kid, please.

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4. Don’t punish him

If scolding him is already inappropriate, imagine punishing him! As you read it, there are women who punish men without speaking to them, swearing at them, or forcing them to be embarrassed, denying them privacy, wasting the family’s financial resources and worse things. Do not punish him, he is an adult, treat him as such.

5. Don’t think or decide for him

No matter how much it costs you, no matter how fast or better you can do it, let him do things, let him decide and support him with good courage. Talk and reach agreements. Don’t forget that they are both adults!

6. Give it its place

Criticizing him in public, talking badly about him with your children, discrediting him or making him look like someone less, undermines his spirit and you do not magnify yourself, on the contrary, it makes you mean and arrogant.

A good marriage is made up of many pieces and one of the main ones is precisely respect. Encourage your husband to take on his role, respect his manhood and enjoy his married life one hundred percent.

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