Women’s Finance, From The Perspective Of Women

The issue of women and money almost always lends itself to macho jokes due to the recurring ideas that women indiscriminately spend money, that they do not know what it means to earn or take care of it, but none of this is true.

The relationship of women to money has almost always been mediated by men since time immemorial. There are very few cultures where women have been able to own and manage property and finances for themselves or for their own benefit. In many regions of the earth, a woman regularly had to be married to be able to receive support from a man other than her father, to have the right to use her own property and in the worst case even to support her children. Currently, there are many nations where women already have the possibility of being independent and making decisions about their body, their marital status, the possibility of working, obtaining their own money and managing it according to their will.

The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) has insisted that if countries wish to develop their economies, they must pay special attention to core points such as: that girls complete their education, women achieve economic empowerment, rights to health, also to the sexual-reproductive and the elimination of violence against women. Now why is the participation of women so important in the economic development of a nation?

  • Women have a longer average life than men, therefore their productive life is longer, their needs expand and multiply as they have children and their old age extends and requires financial resources for longer than a man.

  • The number of single mothers or heads of household increases considerably year by year

  • More and more women support their home. Women are participating in the family economy with up to 80% of total income even when married. This is a really interesting piece of information.

Therefore, women who live in this age must pay special attention to:

1. Educate ourselves and stay updated

The woman must be educated and have a professional or technical training that allows her to support herself and her children, whether she is married or not. Not only that, but you must keep up-to-date in your area of ​​professional development. An educated woman is a good influence on those around her; her children will be more likely to receive an education and the probability that her economy will improve is much higher than a woman who received no education. Likewise, they take more care of their sexual and reproductive health, which saves the state on medical services and the rate of maternal-infant death is even lower. If you are married or are dedicated to taking care of your children, this does not prevent you from being updated in your professional area or training, whether or not you plan to return to work; why? because today we will be able to be happily married and tomorrow we will become widows or divorced and then we will have to face the economic needs of our own.

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2. Take care of our health

A sick woman is a great weight for the family, a healthy woman is capable of carrying on her shoulders not only a family, but an entire world. Please take care of your health.

3. Educate our daughters

And not only that, but educate all the children that are within our reach. In truth, take the time, allocate resources and make an effort to educate children and young people, but especially girls and young women. In that sense, it will be very interesting to read: The difference of Women’s Day, to be a woman every day

4. Have your own income regardless of our marital status

When women have economic freedom, they acquire greater self-confidence and their self-esteem rises, they do not allow violence and they can make more and better decisions about themselves and those of their home.

5. Manage resources

Whether you generate your household income or not, you need to get involved with financial and resource management. It is so difficult to generate money how to care for it.

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6. Save and think about retirement or widowhood

Work, productivity and the purchase of life insurance are vital today to cope with old age, illness and death. If you think that your old age is the responsibility of your children, your husband or anyone else, you are very wrong.

Keep this reflection in mind: “the strong take care of themselves, the strongest take care of others” and I am sure that you are one of the strongest women.


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