Woman Removes Baby From Womb Of 15-year-old Girl After Faking Her Own Pregnancy; How Infertility Affects

The details of this case are truly sad. As the Brazilian police search for her, it is inevitable to think about how infertility can psychologically impact a woman.

According to what was reported in the news, Mirian Siqueira, 25, would have stabbed the young mother of only 15 years, causing her death, and then opened her abdomen and took out the 8-month-old baby.

Siqueira’s husband would have found the body of the young woman, already lifeless, in a barrel in the backyard of the house he shared with his wife.

Apparently Miriam was selling baby products, and had told her family and friends that she was pregnant. The woman allegedly met the teenager in a photo studio that was taking photos of future moms.


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According to police reports, Siqueira told her husband that she had lost the baby, whom her husband found dead in the bathtub (it was the baby that she had taken from the young woman’s womb).

Apparently her family and friends had serious suspicions about her pregnancy, as none of them had been with her to doctor’s appointments, nor had they seen any evidence that she was actually pregnant.

Mirian Siqueira Assassina, Psychopath. Olhando essa photo cannot be said that this person could kill someone like …

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All there was was a picture of her showing her bulging belly, but most of them say it was just because she was overweight.

It is believed that the adolescent’s baby would have died as a result of a stab to the face, which she probably received when Miriam was stabbing her mother.

The number one cause of infertility has to do with a psychological problem

According to what was published on the Harvard University health page, around 5 percent of couples experience what is known as primary infertility, which consists of the inability to have children.

What is surprising is that according to experts, the main cause of infertility is psychological or psychosomatic and not physical. About a third of women and a third of men who cannot conceive have a psychological problem that causes their infertility; the other third are couples in which both have the same problem and only 10 percent are infertile for unknown reasons.

What are the challenges faced by a couple struggling with infertility?

Most infertility treatments use drugs that are based on the hormones the body produces to increase the production of eggs, or sperm. These drugs have a common denominator, the fact that they influence the moods of women who should take them (and men who also take them to improve the quality, quantity and mobility of sperm).

The frequent mood swings that are just some of the side effects of these treatments greatly influence the emotional stability of the couple.

According to a study conducted in Taiwan, in which 112 women trying to get pregnant were meticulously examined, it was found that most of them suffered from high levels of anxiety and depression.

The inability to conceive harms the partner even more and therefore reduces the chances of them conceiving

The whirlwind of emotions that couples suffering from infertility go through, especially those couples who do not have a physiological problem that can be corrected by doctors, can be too heavy to carry out without help.

Who can help you

Receiving the help and support of trained personnel is essential in these cases, especially if the problem lies in something psychological that is affecting the couple.

Counselors, psychotherapists, relaxation therapies, techniques to learn to lower anxiety levels and meditation, are essential to achieve inner peace and why not, the much desired pregnant.

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