Woman Of Almost 40 Years And Pregnant Opens A Fiery Debate By Publishing This Photo

She says doing it for a reason that all pregnant women suffer at least in the first few months, but is it good for your baby? The answer is AMAZING.

Pregnancy is that moment when all moms get sweet and enjoy the pampering they give us. Many of us take advantage of our state to slow down the daily bustle and be more careful with our body, to take care of the life we ​​carry inside. Not all. Some not only do not stop doing what they were doing, but get into the ring to fight morning sickness.

A “Knock out” to the discomforts of pregnancy

According to the Little Things portal, Vicky is an Australian mom who doesn’t stay still. With her 39 years old, owner of a gym and a contoured body even despite her pregnancy, this woman stepped into the boxing ring to show that a 9-month-pregnant belly does not prevent you from doing what you want and what you both you like.

She found her method to stop nausea

As reported by the Inside Edition site, Vicky says that exercise and fitness is her way of life and it’s what makes her feel good. « I discovered that when I feel nauseous I start to exercise and the discomfort goes away» . While some women let pregnancy slow down their daily routine, this woman continues her exercise routine, which includes 30 minutes of boxing, and 30 minutes of lifting weights, three times a week.

It doesn’t mean you have to get in a ring to stop morning sickness; we are all different. But if this helped this mother, and it is what she has been doing for a long time, it does not pose a risk to her health or that of her baby since her body is already used to it (of course, taking extreme security measures).

Benefits of exercising during pregnancy

If there is a time when you should not stay still, it is during pregnancy, unless you are carrying a risky pregnancy and you must rest. For the rest, it is very beneficial for your heart and the health of your baby that you get moving during pregnancy, whenever your doctor considers it appropriate.

You probably think that you feel too exhausted to exercise, but let me give you a tip: you will feel completely energized after starting a little routine. I still remember when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I would go for a walk with my 7 month old belly and it felt great. Not to mention that I gave classes in Arabic dances for pregnant women until I was 8 months pregnant, to the amazement of the people.

According to the babycenter site, there are a series of benefits that getting moving during your baby’s gestation entails:

  • You will carry the extra weight of pregnancy more easily.

  • You will be more prepared for the physical demands of labor and delivery.

  • You will recover your figure more easily once your baby is born.

  • You will have extra energy

  • You will relieve the discomforts of pregnancy (lower back pain, leg pain)

  • You will strengthen the abdominal muscles

  • You will reduce the possibility of suffering from gestational diabetes

  • You will improve your mood

  • You will sleep better

  • You will maintain a healthy weight

But there are certain recommendations to keep in mind

If you want to exercise during pregnancy, you can’t get in the ring like this mother if you’ve never done it before, or lift weights, or go for a run. Those mothers who have been training hard all their lives can follow their training plan with some precautions, but their body is used to it. On the other hand, for women who are not used to following an arduous routine of physical exercises, and want to maintain moderate activity during pregnancy, there are certain precautions that they should take, according to the Vitónica site.

  • Physical activity should not exceed 130 beats per minute

  • Increase rest time. Let’s not forget that our hearts work twice as hard

  • Limit force work

  • Drink water constantly

  • Take a conscious breath

  • Avoid sudden movements

  • Not exercising immediately after meals

Above all, never forget to consult with your family doctor to see if you are suitable for exercising. In addition, it is essential that you continue with the exercise routine once you have your baby so you do not lose muscle tone and recovery is much faster. The fundamental thing is that you have a healthy pregnancy and feel very good, both physically and emotionally.

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