Woman Is Abandoned By Her Husband, But Life Gives Her A Second And Great Chance

When life seems to turn its back on you, you just have to wait for me to turn around. A story of hope.

A woman who has given most of her life to her marriage, who has raised a beautiful family, and who, over the years, has been able to overcome any obstacle to fulfill her dreams, would never imagine experiencing the pain of a infidelity.

But, stories like this are common to hear, when the husband decides to file for divorce to have a relationship with a woman younger than him. Daniel and María were a couple who managed to maintain a 37-year marriage relationship. Almost a lifetime! in an instant he decided to be happy with another woman. As published in Newsner.

I share with you: Will you leave your wife for a woman younger than her?

A request to live happily

Daniel fell madly in love with his secretary, a beautiful young woman. For a time they kept their relationship a secret, until one day he decides to confront his wife María and tell her the truth.

Daniel asked his ex-wife to leave the house where they had lived the entire time their marriage lasted, he only had three days to do so. Maria had no choice but to accept the conditions, since everything was legally arranged. With a broken heart and a million questions in her head, not knowing what had caused her husband’s infidelity, she began to act.

The first day she bought some cardboard boxes where she packed all her clothes and objects that for her had great sentimental value. On the second day, she asked neighbors and relatives for help to take the boxes to her new home. But on the third day she had the idea to leave a message for her ex-husband.

Revenge without hurting anyone

On the last day, he decided to say goodbye to his home, which brought back many memories. With an emptiness in his heart, he sat in the living room of his house, lit some candles and put on quiet music. To accompany the moment, she prepared half a kilo of shrimp, caviar and a bottle of white wine.

When he finished eating, he went into each room and threw the shrimp shells behind the bars where the curtains were hung. She prepared herself emotionally and left the house, tears in her eyes.

A new life

Daniel finally had the home he wanted so much to share with his new wife. They arrived happy, settled in and everything seemed to be going great. Even after a few days they began to perceive a strange smell inside their house.

They cleaned, mopped, opened the windows, checked the ventilation installations, washed the carpets, asked a company to help them fumigate their house, however: the smell remained inside and they had not found the cause.

A rotten house

The smell was so terrible to bear that Daniel’s neighbors, friends, family, even employees, did not want to enter his home. So they decided to put it up for sale. Because of the smell, many people did not want to buy it, until one day, Maria decided to call Daniel to see how he was doing.

He explained that he was selling the house, that he needed to move in as soon as possible. So Maria offered to buy it for much less than the real value of the house. In a short time they signed the agreements and left.

How to face the pain of an infidelity

Amanda Chatel, a sexologist and writer, wrote a letter recounting everything she felt and how she forgives her ex-husband for being cheated on with a younger woman. She was heartbroken when she found out that her husband Oliver had cheated on her for two years.

1. Face reality

Does he deserve me and I deserve him? After a time of feeling devastated, Amanda could understand that the goals, dreams and desires that they both had were totally different. She recognized the mistakes that both of them had made in their relationship, and she realized that there was true love in her.

2. Forgive for love

It’s easy to say “I forgive you,” but when you actually let go of the pain and suffering. It is a healing of the heart and soul. I forgive you because I love you. Facing reality when the grief has passed is a way of identifying that life goes on and that not every separation is a failure.

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Valuing yourself as a woman, concentrating on new learning, having a positive mind, and focusing on yourself are all ways to heal a broken heart. Not looking for guilty and asking for help from a specialist will help you find peace within.

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