With Four Virtues Build Your Own Boat And Save Your Family From Disaster

These four virtues should be the firm boards that will allow you to build a boat where you can keep your family safe. With four virtues, build your own boat and save your family from disaster.

As a mother and family counselor, I am interested in inquiring about the behaviors that lead families to break up. With the experience acquired in daily life, I have come to the conclusion that these problems are due to the almost non-existent exercise of values. And it is that many people do not know what they are, therefore they do not practice them or ignore the benefit that they bring to their families, or they consider that they are no longer fashionable.

Human beings have the ability to discover and imitate good behaviors. The Bible says that we are made in the image and likeness of God, which is why I find it motivating to believe that everyone, at any time in our lives, can develop values ​​or principles that can modify our thoughts and, therefore, our ways of directing ourselves to achieve prosperity and blessing for our families and society as a whole.

As an ambassador for the family, I feel responsible and honored to be an instrument of diffusion to let families know that our home is a gym where values ​​must be tirelessly practiced, which will enhance our role as parents and will serve to make our children achieve develop comprehensively.

So I start by assuring you that values ​​fit in any time and in any place, and that acting virtuously will never go out of style, even today, where it seems that the pursuit and satisfaction of one’s own interests is the only pattern to follow.

Having clarified this point, I also want to contribute to eradicate the little information that exists about values. A value is everything that I know that makes me better. Knowing the meaning of a value is our main objective; for example, I seek to practice order, then find out how it might benefit me to be orderly and what I must do to achieve it. Now, by carrying out daily actions aimed at being orderly, such as putting my shoes in the right place every night, I will be able to develop a habit, we call that virtue. To develop a virtue we need will, that is, to be aware of taking actions every day to achieve the objective set, despite the fact that on many occasions it seems complicated.

I emphasize that acquiring a habit can often cost us a lot of effort. In this sense, the Bible says that becoming virtuous is part of a process; Read 2 Peter 1: 5-8 carefully and discover the secret to achieving it.

Once convinced that the virtues or principles will bring benefits to you and that, with your good example, your children will also receive blessings, I share with you four virtues that I consider the firm tables that will allow you to build a boat where you can keep your family safe. :

1. Prudence

A wise parent is always wise and timely in acting. He pays bills on time and keeps everything in order, advises when he has to, and shuts up if necessary. A wise parent knows how to recognize their mistakes and helps their children to do the same.

2. Fortress

A strong father is not one who is full of muscles. Rather, a father with strength is one who, when faced with harmful situations, resists the harmful influences that gravitate around him. A strong father helps his children not to get discouraged, to strive and persevere. If his children fall he shows them how to stand up and how to carry on.

3. Justice

A just parent continually strives to give others what is due, in accordance with the performance of their duties and according to their rights. A just father teaches his children to always act in accordance with established rules and regulations. A fair parent receives the fine that the traffic officer has given him for speeding, and returns the money to the cashier when he has given him more by mistake.

4. Temperance

A temperate parent has a moderate mood, maintains control over passions and pleasures. He does not have vices or screams like crazy to order. A temperate parent teaches his children to act sober, calm, and cautious.

If you adopt these values ​​and manage to turn them into virtues, your life will take a turn towards blessing; But above all, you will be able to show your children that your example is the best tool they can have to transform their lives in a virtuous way. I encourage you, like Noah in Hebrews 11: 7, to build with your hands the ark where you will save your family from adversity.

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