Widow And Ready To Love Again

Are you thinking of redoing your life? When is it correct to look for a partner, after being widowed? Do you think you are ready to love again? Read this article and solve those doubts.

Nobody wants to hear this and, however, it may be your reality: did your husband die and, after time, do you think you are ready to love again? I assure you that when you joined your partner in marriage, you never thought that she would die, nobody in her right mind does. But if it happened to you, you know that that love you felt will remain alive in her memory and will not be able to materialize physically again.

Sometimes we observe this situation embodied in books, writings, novels, movies, series; But the reality is that nothing prepares us to face this painful situation. However, if you feel ready, you can rebuild your life and find a new love.

Is it possible to rebuild your life, even if you still love your partner who passed away? In my opinion, yes, it is possible. I share my advice in this regard:

1. Don’t live with pain

If when you see his photos you remember him with joy instead of crying or feelings of pain, the grief will be over and with confidence you will know that you can have a new relationship. You will see hope again, you will feel gratification and you will adapt to your new needs.

2. Set priorities

Are you looking for a friendship partner or a new love? Ask yourself this question healthily, since once you understand what you want, you will be able to free yourself from any doubt; You will feel more freedom that will allow you to start that new relationship and you can even make it more productive.

3. Be honest

Do you feel that you are being unfaithful to your partner who passed away? It is a feeling that you will experience when starting a new relationship, but if the joy of living is more powerful than any other thought, that feeling will weaken over time.

4. Don’t compare

The most important thing about living in the present and re-creating a relationship after being widowed, is that you do not make comparisons between the old and the new, between defects and virtues. If you feel that it should be more like your husband who passed away, you should not enter a new relationship.

5. Enjoy the memories

You can talk about your deceased spouse, but always have respect and a fair measure of the type of memories you will share with your new partner. You must bear in mind that now he is with you. You should talk about your current feelings and how he can help you now.

6. Speak sincerely

Many years ago my father was widowed and always decided that he would not remarry. This does not mean that he does not have a partner by his side. It is important to make things clear when you have decided to have a new love. Let him know what your needs and intentions are to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

7. Consider if they have children

This point is very important, because it depends a lot on what you really want in your life. The children of your new love and yours can become a beautiful family, full of love and affection. It is essential to analyze the situation and discuss it with the couple in order to act correctly, without the children undergoing such a drastic change. Ask for help from a specialist who will advise you on how to cope with the family union successfully.

When our partner passes away, we irretrievably lose a part of ourselves. Peace seems a distant thing and choosing a new partner will be within your reach as long as you wish. The light of new projects, keeping a social life in motion and, above all, allowing yourself to feel the warmth of a new relationship, will help you to be happy. Think that he is watching you and that he approves of your feelings; Thus, you will not have problems to continue living and enjoying your family.

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