“why Me?” It Is Not A Question That You Should Ask God, But Yourself

Not because things don’t go as planned, God has stopped loving you, on the contrary. To ratify it, please read this article.

It costs a lot to accept that what you have fought with all your might does not turn out as you have expected. All of us have not had to go through that situation at all. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some people question the existence of that higher being whom so many of us call God.

It has happened to me – more times than I have wished – that after a lot of effort, everything built with effort ends up collapsing before my eyes. On those occasions I have lost my cool and exclaimed to heaven in anguish: “Why me, my God ?!”

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That’s right, faith falters, you feel disappointed in yourself and wonder a thousand times what is the reason why nothing turns out the way you want. It seems to you that everything turns out well for others and you never find anything, and worse still, you look for answers and you can’t find them.

If it has happened to you, be sure that there is a reason, a why, and in the following lines I will explain briefly what is happening:

A real problem: your belief system

Yes, believe it or not, when things do not go as you have hoped and the efforts you have fought for are not enough, it is not “fault” of God or your lack of dedication, nor is it because you do not deserve it. The problem lies in the belief system you have been raised with.

That wrong belief system has “told” you that if you act correctly, without committing serious mistakes; that if you help your neighbor in a state of suffering and things will go much better every day than you expect.

In this way you will discover that all life events are good for you, even those that are frustrating, since they are good because they help you to be humble, to accept that not everything depends solely on you and your strength, but that you must trust in God and that everything that happens to you has a reason that will always be the best, even if you don’t perceive it that way at first.

readDo you trust the will of God?

Put all your choices in God’s hands

To make it easier for you to accept the result of your choices, put your decisions in God’s hands, in this way everything will happen as it should from the beginning and you will not have frustrations. In this way you will be trusting Him completely and you will have the assurance that whatever result is given, it will be to your benefit.

Finally, always be humble when undertaking your resolutions so that you can learn the lesson that you must internalize, and be grateful when things turn out as you expected; That’s what this is all about: being humble and grateful.

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