Why Is The Use Of The Bicycle Much Better As A Means Of Family Transport?

Discover the magnificent benefits of making the bicycle the means of transport for your whole family.

In these times it is increasingly common to see that people use different means of transport to get to the places they want; The bicycle is one of the most popular in recent years and it has great benefits for anyone who decides to use it.

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If you are thinking of starting to use it, the Mexican Association of Transport and Mobility (AMTM) made some observations of the good reasons why it is better to use the bicycle than any other means of transport. We delved into them a bit and decided to share them with you so that you can form your own opinion, check them out!

1. You will exercise (even if you don’t want to)

If you want to have envious legs and a condition that leaves others with their mouths open, then the bicycle may be the best option for you to achieve it since it is considered a fairly complete exercise where the entire lower body has movement. It is ideal for people who are not so fond of doing some physical activity but do like to be in shape, you could try it!

2. You do not pollute!

One of the most serious problems that very large cities experience is the excess of pollutants in the environment. With a bicycle, you don’t pollute anything when you use it! You could be an example for many people who use the car for everything. It is even a great teaching that you can give to your children and you become part of the group of ecologically responsible people, which fortunately, there are more and more!

3. You enjoy the scenery

Breathing some fresh air and seeing the landscape and, even if you see something you like, being able to stop at any point on your journey is one of the advantages that you will always have when riding a bicycle. You won’t need to look for a special parking lot because you can put its chain on it and tie it anywhere. It is a fact that the journey is much more enjoyable when you ride a bicycle.

4. You will get to your destination faster

With the streets so busy; full of cars and public transport units it is very common for you to spend much longer on board one of these means of transport. It is proven that you can get to do up to triple the time on your journey. If the route you do daily is relatively short, then use the bicycle, we assure you that you will spend much less time than you imagine.

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5. You will not have extra expenses

The only thing the bicycle will need is to have its brakes and tires checked from time to time; On the other hand, for a car you need to spend on gasoline, on the insurance policy of your unit, the service that they do year after year, take it to wash, invest in additives and other special fluids for the motor, have you done the math? Ah! And add to this the verification and, in case you commit an infraction to the regulation, your respective fine, with a bicycle none of this exists, not even the fines!

Have you already realized that it could be a very convenient means of transport? Well then, analyze it well and decide if it is the ideal for you, what we are sure is that it will bring you many benefits, do not hesitate!

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