Why Does My Son Swear?

The fault may be the environment where our children develop, but there are other factors. Keep reading and find out.

I do not know if it is due to the singular contrast that their tiny figures make, with the phrases of the adults. Or to express themselves as great when they can barely form complete sentences. Or his innocent accent. The truth is that most of us have sometimes been funny to hear children swear.

The problem is that laughing the “funny” is giving them the green light to want to do it constantly, and let’s face it, a rude child does not like anyone. In addition to the implications for their training allowing them to behave in this way, since in general rudeness is an act of indiscipline and a clear sign of little education and respect.

However, the fault is not of the little ones. They don’t really know the meaning of what they are saying. The fault lies with the environment where we allow them to unfold, or with us for expressing ourselves with vulgarities, knowing that they listen to us and imitate us, and above all, if we laugh when they do.

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So why do children swear?

1. Because they listen to them

That simple If so many people express themselves in that way, there should be nothing wrong, it is the logic that not only minors, but anyone would apply. Hence, they begin to say them at first and then not be able to silence them. Almost all of us get a swear word from time to time, but please, in front of the children, take care of what comes out of your mouth.

2. We make them think it’s funny

When they see adults laugh, they assume they are doing something that we like. From this idea that they are giving us pleasure comes the motivation to continue behaving in this way. Hence the importance of not being pleased when they express themselves with high-sounding phrases. Children swear not because of its meaning, but because of our reaction, and that makes us guilty.

3. We oblige, but do not reason with them

What I’m going to is that we scold them, but we don’t give them an alternative to that behavior, which leaves them not knowing what to do. They require total guidance, they are not children for nothing. Try to replace bad words with good words, and explain why they should not be rude.

4. We are not congruent

On the one hand we say no, and on the other we behave in the same way. Children are in the process of training, and imitation is essential in these early years until they finally create their own personality. Do what I say, but not what I do, it has never worked with children. If you don’t want them to do it, don’t do it yourself.

If the way your child expresses himself has become a problem and you no longer know what to do to reverse this behavior, keep in mind that children are very intelligent and always willing to do the right thing. But we must teach them, and there is no better way than with our guidance and example.

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