Why Do Women Need To Sleep More Than Men? Science Finally Explains It Loud And Clear

Find out the REASONS and tag that man who DOES NOT let you sleep.

Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

My husband doesn’t think so but I need to get some more sleep, really! It is very easy for him to wake up and wake up fresh as “lettuce” in my case that happens until I am already having lunch.

In fact, after I get home from work, I need to take a little nap or at least rest a little to be able to spend the rest of the afternoon. Does something similar happen to you?

Recently, Con Bienestar published the results of an investigation carried out by the Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University in Leicestershire (England) and published in the Medical Daily at the time, where it was confirmed that women need an average of 20 more minutes of sleep That men.

Center Director Jim Horne states that women require this “extra” time because our brain can do more activities at the same time than men and that function, in short, requires a greater drain on mental energy every day.

Now, if we add to that that women take longer to fall asleep, or that we do not sleep a full night due to worries, problems, hormonal imbalances or various feelings, sleep disorders are greater and more frequent than in men.

It must then be borne in mind that the greater the mental energy exhaustion, the greater the need for rest and effective sleep is required.

If your reader friend is suffering from a problem falling asleep, you can consider the following recommendations:

  • Exercise

The magazine Muy Interesante published another study done by Harvard University where they recommend exercise as a great method to reconcile sleep. So do some physical activity to be able to sleep peacefully.

  • To bed he goes to sleep

Not to work. If you do this, your mind and body will relate to sleep when you go to bed, forming the habit is the important thing

  • Stop smoking

There are hundreds of reasons to quit, and a good night’s sleep can be one of the best.

Your room and bed should be nice and comfortable Check the climate, smells, good ventilation and a bed where your body can recover from day to day

To all this we can add that eating well and not having a heavy dinner can help you fall asleep, not wake up during the night and wake up in good spirits.

Remember: Never go to bed with bad feelings and always wake up with a goal to achieve.

Sweet Dreams!

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