Where Is Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado

Three years after the disappearance of the young woman, the Police of the city of Provo, in charge of the investigation of the case, for the first time tells everything about the case.

“We are also frustrated”

I recently had the opportunity to be part of the panel where the Provo City Police, which is in charge of the investigation of the case of the young Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado, was interviewed on a radio program, where they were invited.

It should be remembered that the young woman from Tuxtla Chiapas, Mexico arrived in the United States on March 23, 2015 to perfect her studies at the Nomen GLobal Center Languages ​​school, in Provo Utah, but only three weeks after her arrival, on March 16. April 2015 elizabeth disappeared after leaving school to never hear from her again.

The last contact the family had with the young woman was that day around 2:45 PM, when she sent a text message to her sister saying “I’m out of school.”

Since then all the attempts to find her have ended in nothing, and the question is, how a young woman with only three weeks in the country, with a life that consisted of going to school, work and her home, had no friends, more Well known from the school and the Church to which she belonged, who did not accept to go out with any young man who invited her, I can disappear without leaving any trace or anyone observing something strange on the street at the time of her disappearance.

And not only, you ask yourself, but also the people who are in charge of your search who declare “we are also frustrated.”

What has been done so far

Of course, during the interview with Provo Police Chief Rich Ferguson, and two of his collaborators in the investigation (an FBI agent among them), they tried to cover all the questions that people and their family ask themselves, especially As for what is being done to solve the case, a summary of what they explained is detailed below:

  • Almost 300 students from the school were interviewed.
  • The Nomen Global Center school collaborated with the investigation always, and allowed the Police to attend the school always (which they did for about two months in a row).
  • All the lines of investigation that were opened did not reach any certain conclusion – Two detectives were sent to Mexico to carry out an investigation from there, they could not obtain many results because the laws in the country of Mexico did not allow detectives to make an interrogation people there, since the people were not under suspicion.
  • Searches were carried out in different places.
  • Family members were questioned.
  • It was verified through the security cameras on the outside of her journey, that Elizabeth walked the way to school, left the building, but did not manage to make the return journey.
  • The aforementioned was also verified with people who used to see it happen daily.
  • No camera shows when she left the school (the school does not have internal or external cameras), but two witnesses claim to see the young woman leave and walk to the corner of the block. The recognition was through what Elizabeth was wearing on the day of her disappearance.
  • Elizabeth’s cell phone has not been used since that day.
  • It is currently being investigated within the social networks and applications that Elizabeth used.
  • A reward of $50,000 has been offered for any information that is accurate and helps to find Elizabeth laguna Salgado.

Is Elizabeth’s case a cold case? (cold case)

The fear of all those who help to find Elizabeth is the same, that the investigation will stop, not that the case will be closed, but that they will not continue looking for the young woman, and of course it was one of the key questions of the interview, To what the officers explained when the investigation is stopped or what must happen for a case to become a “cold case”, the answer was simple, as long as the clue that following a case runs its course.

The day they don’t get any more leads and have nothing else to investigate, the investigation stops. Considering as “clues”, any phone call with information, or email, or simply a comment that was heard, currently and according to detectives they try to listen to all the information they receive and then verify.


Finally, the Chief of Police asked to speak and give one last message. He said “Elizabeth if you can hear us, we are still looking for you, and if you have any way to return by yourself, introduce yourself that nothing will happen to you.” At the end of the interview, the guests said “someone knows something, someone must have heard a comment”, and that is what keeps their hope of finding it, and mine too.

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