When The Babies Do Not Arrive, Support Your Partner With These Tips And Let The Miracle Happen

Know how you should support the person you love in something that will always be two.

When the doctor diagnoses that there is a great fertility problem in one of the members of the couple, the news is devastating, all dreams and illusions fall apart in an instant; sadness, depression and anguish, of knowing the inability to procreate, are feelings that accompany the couple for a long time.

The person (man or woman) who is diagnosed with infertility is likely to fall into a great depression. On the one hand, it will affect him to know that he will not be able to form a family with the person he loves and on the other hand, his mind is flooded with fear at the thought that the couple will be able to leave her.

It is thought that nowadays it is very easy to resort to a solution to combat infertility such as: in vitro fertilization, which according to the doctors is a great wonder and option to procreate.

However, this alternative is very expensive and is not available to many couples, and it is not the solution for everyone, since age and the type of condition diagnosed can be obstacles to carrying out this alternative.

The couple, recognizing their situation and reality, will have to face the problem. When there is commitment and love in the couple, the person (let’s say they are not infertile), must support their loved one 100% to get out of depression.

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How to do it? The first and most viable option is to attend a couples therapy or seek a help center, where they can find couples who are going through the same problem.

However, the problem not only stays in an office or group talks, but takes home and the heart. It is not easy to overcome and accept infertility, everything is a long process, in which the couple’s love must be stronger and more solid. What to do?

1. Don’t blame yourself

One of the feelings that the infertile person has is that they blame themselves for not being able to get pregnant. However, the two of you should support each other and not try to find guilty, since you will never get anywhere and the relationship will fail.

2. Avoid going to places with children or having contact with people with children

For a considerable time, it is important to stay away from attending places where many children are, since it will be difficult to alleviate pain and sadness. Also, support your partner and avoid visiting acquaintances who have children.

It is almost impossible not to have contact with children, however, little by little the sadness will be overcome.

3. Don’t lose faith

Always thinking positive is the great medicine that the soul and the body need. Having a cheerful attitude will infect your partner. Although miracles are not proven to science, faith and hope must exist and remain in their hearts.

4. Motivation to everything you give

To avoid that your partner is all the time crying, depressed and sad; It is important to motivate her to do activities, be they physical or artistic. An option to overcome the duel is to activate yourself, an example may be that you exercise as a couple.

Find all the free time to do activities as a couple, discover that love is the most important and indestructible. Conquer each other again and renew your relationship.

5. Look for other alternatives according to your possibilities

There are other alternatives such as adoption. Talk to your partner and if you want to be parents, do not hesitate to start the corresponding procedures. There are millions of children who want loving parents. Not only will it complement your illusions of being a father or mother, but you will be helping a harmless being in need of a home.

It is important not to lose hope, motivate the couple and overcome the grief. Do not think that your partner is going to abandon you because their love is very strong. Despite having a teenage son, I want to share that I live and experience infertility. I hope that my advice, which I apply day by day, will calm and overcome your pain.

I share with you: How to deal with infertility as a couple

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