When Love Kills: Crime Of A 15-year-old Girl In Chile Touches The World

The indiscriminate use of social networks in adolescence can bring sad stories like this one.

There are many governmental and international campaigns that exist in order to alert adolescents to the dangers of excessive use of social networks.

However, a few days ago it was shown that despite all the efforts that can be made on a daily basis for young people to be able to measure the dangers of giving certain types of information to strangers, it is still vitally important that parents help to control and be attentive to the use that your children are giving to different social networks to avoid stories like the one that woke up Chile a couple of days ago.

The history

A few days ago the story of a 15-year-old teenager was known, who decided to get together after school with a man, of legal age, who she met on Facebook and with whom she claimed to have a love relationship.

The meeting took place when the 21-year-old man of Peruvian nationality went to look for the girl at the school where he was studying in Santiago de Chile. After a few moments, it was the same man who invited the minor to visit his house and she gladly accepted. Not knowing that her boyfriend’s intentions were not the best.

Once installed in the place, the man proceeded to drug the minor and then sexually abuse her.

Her own friends made the complaint

It was the girl’s own friends who gave notice to the parents, because despite the multiple warnings they had given her, the girl had decided to turn a deaf ear. That was how the frantic search began, managing to find her whereabouts in a few hours, however, it was an unpleasant surprise for everyone to find her in the deplorable state of health in which she was transferred to the city hospital.

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She was hospitalized there for a few days, but unfortunately, despite all the efforts of the medical team in charge, the girl died as a result of the multiple injuries caused by her attacker.

The assailant had a prior

The subject was later identified as Steve Sánchez and today he is in preventive detention, as he had 2 pending cases for sexual abuse against two Chilean minors. In his statements he has only referred to the type of drug used, without asking for forgiveness or showing regret for what happened.

Meanwhile, the family has stated that the girl had some behavioral changes prior to the fateful meeting with Steve, they say that she looked nervous, mysterious and that she was no longer the same teenager as always, because she seemed to hide something.

Meanwhile, her close friends have declared to the press that despite the multiple warnings they gave her, the girl was blinded and did not believe that something bad could happen to her, as she stated that they had a stable relationship without major shocks with which now it turned out to be her murderer, despite the fact that most of the relationship that the minor described, had only been established virtually through social networks.


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