When Love Can Do Everything: Hearing-impaired Father And Daughter Drive The Networks Crazy With This Video That Will Surprise You

There are no physical impediments when love is stronger.When you watch this video you will see that nothing stops this father.

The love of a father knows no boundaries. When I saw this video my heart shook. A deaf father teaches his daughter, also deaf, to sing a song in sign language. “If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands like this” says the world famous children’s song. In English, “If you are happy and you know it clap your hands”, is the song chosen by this father to teach his daughter. At home we always sing it to our children, and it gave me great emotion to see that father connecting with his baby from the bottom of his heart.

Crossing barriers

Kevin Nadrowsky, a native of New Jersey, United States, is the protagonist of this story that went viral. His daughters, Dakota and Bayleigh, are also hard of hearing, but he recognizes that there are no boundaries or physical impediments when you put your heart and soul into what you do. In an interview with People magazine, Kevin explains that he would like the popularity of his video uploaded to YouTube to serve as an inspiration for other people: «I would like you to say, if this deaf dad can sing a song with his deaf daughter in the American Sign Language, there are no limits . Kevin thinks this can help people get through various challenges in life. I think that without a doubt it will be a great example for many to follow.

His parents didn’t know what to do with him

Kevin said that his deafness was discovered only at 11 months and his parents did not know what to do with it. Today, Kevin wants to turn that experience around and give his deaf daughters all the opportunities that life has to offer. “I want them to know that being deaf doesn’t mean they can’t sing or enjoy listening to songs ,” Nadrowski said.

A video that thrills

In the video you can see the happiness of that father transmitting his love in the song to his youngest daughter Bayleigh. His expressiveness, his eyes on his daughter, his way of capturing attention show that he will always be there for her, showing her the way. The mother of the little girls and ex-wife of Kevin Nadrowsky said that the video reminds her a lot of her father, for the beautiful relationship they had and that she is happy to know that her daughters will feel the same as her, with a friendly and attentive father .

Hearing loss is not an impediment

When a child begins to show symptoms of poor hearing, their parents begin to worry. This probably happens when they are babies and do not respond to certain auditory stimuli. Today there are many treatments and professionals that can help to go through this stage when it is discovered that the child could suffer from hearing loss. However, this condition is not an impediment to normal life. As we can see in the video, when there is love and contention, any limit is completely surmountable. There is nothing to stop the will to live when love is the engine.

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