When Disappointment Comes In The Couple

Do you think your partner has completely disappointed you? Then you should read this article.

Feeling in love is the most wonderful stage of love, it is when butterflies flutter in your stomach at each meeting with your partner, when you don’t stop thinking about it for a second, when you think you don’t need anything more than to be by his side. Over the years and living together, it is normal for that overflowing passion that you felt to decrease in intensity, since you will be about to experience the next stage known as true love.

It is there when the loved one is really known, their defects, bad habits, hobbies and their true way of being are discovered, so it is normal to become easily disillusioned with the couple, since when one falls madly in love it is almost impossible realize that the person is not perfect.

Being disappointed is considered an obstacle to marital happiness, since sometimes the disappointment can be so great and devastating to the point of wanting to leave everything behind and therefore thinking about making the decision to divorce or separate, since it will be an impossible fight to win by trying to change the partner.

How much can your partner disappoint you?

Perhaps you think that your partner has transformed into another very different person with whom you fell in love, a true stranger. Over time he has stopped being a detail-oriented man, he has made bad decisions that put your financial and emotional stability at risk, he is not as passionate as he was at the beginning of the relationship, he is boring, grumpy and worst of all, he is not he has learned to listen to you. You may even think that you don’t love him anymore.

You may believe that your life has stopped having a path, a meaning, simply because you no longer find any type of motivation. Apparently your happiness has faded like the wind and you can’t find any other solution but to let it go.

However, you should know that even if there is a solid and successful partner, it is inevitable that at some point in their relationship they have not come to disappoint each other, since it is checkedthat becoming disillusioned with one’s partner is a process that we all experience sooner or later.

So, knowing this information, that’s when the questions come, what did they do to save their marriage? What was special about these couples?

1 They did not expect more from their partner

Many successful marriages did not have very high expectations or wishes for their partner. That is, they did not idealize their loved one, which is why even though they went through the process of disillusionment, they continued on. These couples did not expect to receive anything in return, they only concentrated on giving everything, trying to meet the needs of their partner.

When you expect your partner to recognize you for your effort or to value everything you do, you will be completely disappointed, consequently you will feel pain, frustration and hatred; as a deep wound will grow in your heart. Ideally, you should never expect to receive anything from your partner, so when he does it is a gesture or action that you value.

2 We all think differently

Perhaps you can think that you are right in everything or that there is a logic that is undoubted when acting. Even in the most obvious situations you can believe that your partner will react with some sanity. However, you can fall into utter disappointment when your loved one doesn’t do things the way you thought they would; This is because we all think differently and have different ways of reacting to different contexts and situations.

For example: Ana complained about her husband because one day she was admitted to the hospital and he never had time to go see her; her disappointment was so great that she was unable to forgive her. Ultimately, the man explained that his fear of seeing her in the hospital completely paralyzed him. At this point, the ideal will be to avoid assumptions and communicate assertively with the loved one.

3 A blind trust

I agree that an infidelity, lies or deception can disappoint you, it is normal. However, successful couples have bet on a safe, trustworthy and committed love. That is, when you are in love you fully trust your partner and over the years that trust must be worked with actions and deeds to make it more solid and strong.

Trust is the foundation of the relationship ; therefore, it is a task that must be constantly done mutually. If you are disappointed and think that your partner has cheated on you, it would be better to talk about it to reach an agreement and thus avoid failure or misunderstandings.

4 Communication is essential

It is one thing to speak and speak waiting for an answer and quite another to listen and act. Couples often disappoint each other because they have not learned to listen, understand and empathize. Perhaps couples tend to justify themselves because men and women think differently, to say the least, men are more practical and do not need as much explanation of things as we do.

Successful couples have learned to communicate, expressing their emotions, ideas and feelings, without being afraid. For this reason, it is difficult for them to be disappointed, since they practice assertive communication in a loving way.

It is important to reflect and understand the root of disappointment, as many times a solution can be found together, thus avoiding thoughts such as divorce or separation. Keep in mind that we are all imperfect, but with love, trust, communication, and commitment, a relationship can last for many years regardless of how disappointed or disappointed they are.

Fight for your happiness and dare to express your emotions, it will never be too late to regain confidence in your relationship!

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