What Your Waist Should Measure To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Cardiovascular problems do not appear as if by magic, there are many things we can do to prevent them and to detect them early. Here we tell you how.

This week while running in a sports unit close to home, I witnessed a person who suffered a heart attack; the man in his 50s or so had seen him hanging around just like me, he looked normal and like everyone else, making an effort to do a little exercise. I must say that we runners get to know each other as we see each other run at the same time or at least to coincide in the same place every day. This man had hardly seen him twice but when he fell to the ground, there were few of us who ran to help him. The poor man only managed to take out his wallet and someone looked for some information to call a relative, fortunately the security people of the sports unit acted very efficiently and took him away so that he could immediately receive competent medical attention.

We don’t know what happened to the man, or at least I didn’t know it, but the experience impressed me a lot and I wanted to share my interest in caring for our hearts.

We all know how important our heart is but we do little to take care of it and keep it healthy and sometimes when we want to get in shape we do it in a hasty way without consulting a doctor and what happens are accidents like the one I told you about at the beginning.

The CDC published a small survey where we can know the age of our heart or in other words, the wear it has and according to the reports that this page publishes, most of those who take it, verify that their heart is at least 3 years older at the age of the person. (I did the test and it is very good, do it you will be surprised)

On the other hand in El PaĆ­s

Dr. Petra Saenz from the Council of experts of the Spanish Heart Foundation, comments that if we eliminated risk behaviors, we would avoid 80% of vascular diseases and this does not mean that until we are 50 years old we will begin to take care of ourselves, not! The heart must be cared for since we are children and throughout all stages of our life.

What are these risk behaviors?

Eat a lot of salt

There is no other way, we must remove the salt shaker from the table and limit its consumption.

Do not consume omega 3

Whether you consume it in added milk, in capsules or directly when eating sardines or fish, but we must include it in our diet without excuses.

Exercising less than 5 hours a week

If you think about it, it’s not much, it’s one hour from Monday to Friday only and walking is included. We spend much more time watching TV or checking social networks, we better get active.

That your waist measurement exceeds 102 cm (40.16 inches) in men and in women 88 cm (34.56 inches) The Diabetes a day page confirms that the adipose tissue that forms in the abdomen is very dangerous for the heart and that by the way , increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Eat more meat than fish

The ideal is that we eat fish 4 times a week, 1 red meat and the rest vegetables such as strong latillos.


There is not much to say here. You must put down the cigarette.

Consume very little olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals

The Mediterranean diet is the most friendly to the heart as it includes all of the above.

Living in constant stress

We must learn to relax, to leave the problems of work at work and not to get angry so often, we must learn to breathe and not allow anything to steal our peace.

Letting go of these risky behaviors will not only work miracles for your heart, it will also increase years of life with quality. It is very worth it.

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