What Your Children Should Never Do With Older Adults

What can we expect of the world in the future, if today we do not teach children to respect others?

I do not want to start the text with the phrase “in my time”, because I will already seem very from the last century, although being objective, I am, so there it goes: in my time this did not happen. Or maybe yes, but it is clear that with the Internet information travels at a tremendous speed, the news that we consider to be the future we already shared 15 minutes ago on all existing social networks.

The point is that, with the evolution of technology, it seems that we are facing an involution of the human being and values ​​as necessary as respect for the elderly seem already part of a museum exhibition. Come on, it’s not that all the adults in the world deserve respect, since respect — as well as scolding — is earned. However, it is necessary to understand that elderly people should have another type of treatment, I insist, with those who have proven to be worthy of it. It’s not paying homage to the guy you don’t like, just politely ignore him to show another level of treatment.

What I want to get to is a video that I came across online, one that got me thinking about what kids are being taught today. It turns out that in Russia, one of the surveillance cameras on a major street captured the moment when a minor, just 12 years old, tricked an 89-year-old man to steal his vehicle.

Yes, you read that correctly, the 12-year-old guy – who for legal purposes is still a child – stole his car from an old man, who thought that the boy had acted in good faith. The boy told the older adult that his truck had suffered a mishap, specifically that the air level in his tires had dropped. The man, believing that the boy was helping him, got out of the car, a moment that was used by the little thief to commit the misdeed.

Teach children respect for others

What conclusions or reflection does the clip leave you? In my opinion, this type of attitude clearly arises because the child is exposed to a climate of violence and constant abuse. Without being a psychologist or family therapist — much less an expert in criminalistics — I see that this subject was educated in such a way that cheating and excesses were within his grasp. It never had limits.

If you are in charge of the education of young children, let’s not go too far: it is not about telling them that they should not steal cars from the elderly, but about educating them in such a way that they respect older adults and that they go to they — and you — with respect. In that sense, I invite you to reread these two articles.

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