What You Should Not Stop Saying To Mom, Back In The Day

“There is no mother like one’s own” African proverb.

Mother’s day is coming. By the way, this year they celebrate it on the same day, both those countries that usually celebrate it on the second Sunday in May, and those who celebrate it on May 10, such as Mexico. With the motto of this celebration, today I want to be a spokesperson for every child: I want my words to be those of your children towards you, and yours towards your mother:

I love you mom

«For your unconditional love, because all your defects were not enough to overshadow your work as a mother. I dare even say that being aware of them is what made you work so hard. I love you for being a woman who does not give up, and to put your gender so high, to the point that there is not a being in this world that does not venerate you or that does not come from you.

Because “I can’t” is a word you don’t know when it comes to raising your children, and I can’t think of a better life lesson than that. Because tiredness has never made you leave your children for later, and all my mistakes have not been enough to keep you away from me, or for you to give up on me.

I love you because you made me your engine of life, something I do not deserve, but I am grateful because your example has made you mine. You are what is thought of when we want to exemplify the word miracle, because you can be so many things! My hero when I needed you to scare away monsters, heal my wounds, fulfill my wishes. And the villain when the scolding was required, when you forced me to eat my vegetables, take the medicines, get up on my own after the fall.

To love… many things are loved, in many ways. But with you I learned first-hand what unconditional love is, because no matter the fear you felt when you discovered that it was already growing within you, you took on the challenge even though it might not be the right time.

I love you because only you have the ability to know what each of my cries means, because when others see only my imperfections, you do not stop telling me that I am perfect, that I can. I love you, because how can I not love the blood that runs through my veins, the breast that suckled me, the tear that was shed for me, the love that was given to me, since before I met?

I, who do not deserve that love because, unlike yours, my love is interested, because it comes from your sleepless nights, from your laughs, from your patience, from my favorite dish, from your sweetness, from your unlimited loyalty, as only a mother’s loyalty can be. I who always wanted the fashionable toy, the party with many friends, the mischief without consequences, do “my holy will”, and you who only wanted my good and make me happy!

Thanks Mom

I love you mother, I do not conceive of it being otherwise, I cannot imagine a me without a you. Root of the tree that I am, seed from which I germinated, I have so much to thank you for and words fall short. How many meanings can a word have? Fifty one hundred? Insufficient for everything I need to include to thank the one who gave me life, I have to settle, then, honoring you! Striving to, in addition to your love, have your pride and give you thanks.

If you still don’t know how to tell your mother everything she means to you, maybe these words will inspire you a bit to do so. It is not difficult, nor do you have to be a poet, just let the heart speak. Make this May 10 a celebration of love, more than a party with expensive gifts that are given out of obligation. May you always tell Mom how much you love her; Let every mother hear that from her children, always.

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