What You Should Get Out Of Your Mind To Avoid Unhappiness

Think about this: there are certain thoughts that you put yourself in your mind that make you the main obstacle to being happy. Do you want to know what they are and how to avoid them?

The concept of “happiness” is a determining factor in the development and integration of families. If a person, whoever it is, within the organization that means the family, is unhappy, then, like a flat bike, she will not be able to collaborate with an adequate contribution towards the objective of the family, which is happiness.

In short, if someone in the family has any kind of problem that compromises their happiness, then the team suffers an irreparable loss. I dare say that few human beings enjoy being with someone who is not happy. Any kind of relationship is complicated.

As we grow up, one of the most important things life leads us to learn is that no one can avoid responsibility. In other words, our actions always have consequences for better or for worse. We learn that we are authors, that is, responsible, of what we feel; at least in a vast majority. Although there are external agents that can influence how we feel, the reality is that to the extent that we know how to control our emotions, we can develop a better quality of life.

I decide what to feel and how to channel it, and this includes whether I decide to be happy, or to be unhappy. The mind is very powerful, and I am not referring exclusively to the comic book character, “Professor X,” certainly our brain controls our day, and this includes whether we are happy or not. How?

1. You have everything to be happy

Many people are determined to live in the future, in the present tense. It’s not a mess like the movie characters: Marty McFly and Doc Brown. These people set their goals with a “I’ll be happy the day that …” where you can add it, the day I buy a car, or have another job, or win the lottery or whatever. But think: why not be happy today?

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2. No, you are not a victim of circumstance

Another negative habit that does not allow us to be happy is that of always victimizing ourselves. Above I told you about responsibility. Well, you have to be mature enough to understand that -although there may be minutes that seem like it- the truth is that the world does not conspire against us and that we surely made a mistake by not preparing as we should and that is why we did not obtain the desired job .

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3. Avoid the trap of complaints and excuses

Hand in hand with this last habit is making excuses for everything, or complaining. Come on, things are a certain way, can we change them? Then let’s do it. It’s not possible? then let’s look for another option. Nor is it worth taking things out of proportion, then exaggerating; that the only thing you will cause will be an eternal dissatisfaction.

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4. Acknowledge your mistakes

Finally, if you want to avoid unhappiness, then start by acknowledging your problems, that they will always be there unless you take action to fire them. Pay off your debts, even if it means giving up some fun. Get out of the house and meet new people.

It will sound trite, boring, or repetitive, but if you want to avoid being unhappy, then you have to change your internal “chip”, accept the changes, and let the wind caress your face.

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