What You Need To Know To Shine In Society

The superior man is courteous, but not lowly; the common man is lowly, but not courteous.

This is how badly we are that in these times, believing ourselves to be of lineage, as my grandmother would say, implies chewing gum like ruminants, talking as if we had a potato in our mouth (because that’s the way “strawberries” do), wearing our pants teaching the brand of underwear and showing off each movement live and direct on social networks. However, the fact that all this is fashionable does not make these attitudes correspond to a good education. In fact, all of the above is evidence of how little knowledge we have about etiquette today. Therefore, I share with you some of the most representative samples of what we should NOT do, if we want to shine in society.

Do not greet

Especially young people can bump into people head on and are not even able to say good morning, much less apologize for the lack of good manners.

Littering the streets

It is true that sometimes it is almost impossible to find a trash can to deposit our waste, but it is also true that most people do not even bother to look for it and choose to throw their waste anywhere.

Interrupt when someone else speaks

If something does not seem to us, we are unable to present our point of view with arguments; instead, we let anger and helplessness speak up and speak for us.

Not be grateful

Ingratitude is a sign of lack of humanity and is also the origin of selfishness that hurts so much, because it does not allow us to see beyond our own person.

Speak rudely

I read recently that people who swear are the most honest. Who knows, but it is one thing to express ourselves without a filter, and another is to go through life offending others with all the intention of being rude and hurtful.

Belittling other people

One of the most obvious features of our poor human quality and little education is precisely that of feeling superior and acting as if the lives of others were worth nothing.

Invade someone else’s space

Regardless of whether this is rude, invading someone’s living space can lead to a very tense environment and even violent situations. Even animals know that this is something not to do.

Not respect the laws

Even when we do not agree with many, the idea of ​​the laws is to allow us to live in society in such a way that the rights of the majority are safeguarded. Failure to do so leads to chaos, violence and confusion.

Criticize others

If a criticism cannot be constructive, then it is just pointless aggression. He who is free from sin, cast the first stone.

Not paying attention to who speaks to us

This is the most common today. Technology has hijacked our eyes and our hands; We seem to lack the willpower to push them aside and have a conversation without uncomfortable third parties.

Abusing our power to the detriment of others

I heard a long time ago that if you want to know what someone really is like, give them a baton and a credit card. I must say that the examples of how power corrupts are innumerable, and also a clear example of the poor education of those who are carried away by the physical, economic and / or social superiority they have over others.

Being polite goes beyond knowing that the cutlery is taken from the outside in, that the glasses or glasses go from the right side of the plate or that the elbows should not go on the table. True education involves the way we treat ourselves and others, what we are capable of doing for the benefit of society and even the world in which we live.

And you, do you know how to shine in society?

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