What Women Find Outside The Home

When we talk about infidelity in marriage, we generally think of men as the main offenders, but what happens when the woman is the unfaithful one? What can we do to take care of ourselves?

Culturally and socially, there is the idea that men are the unfaithful in a couple. Currently the reality is different: women are being unfaithful as much or in a higher percentage than men.

Why does infidelity occur in women?

Although it is true that infidelity is a multifactorial problem, I present some of the most common causes why a woman can become unfaithful:

Need to feel wanted

Just as the man is satisfied with conquering, the woman enjoys very much feeling loved and particularly desired, although it is a feeling that is not easily discussed. Women can become involved in relationships outside of marriage when this desire is appealed to, the need to feel beautiful physically and to have the power or ability to attract a man. There are many psychological studies that have been done in this regard to determine if it is a purely biological issue or if it really has to do with the lack of love and male attention; that is, by the father in the days of childhood. The truth is that, for some women it is highly exciting to know that they can be desirable; In this part, the husband’s care and attention plays an important role so that the wife can feel not only loved but also physically beautiful to her husband.

For revenge

It is common for a woman to be hurt or jilted by her partner or an important man in her life, to tend to take revenge in the same way with the idea of ​​causing the same pain or punishing with this type of behavior, being this type of infidelity the that more harm and disappointment can cause the same woman.

Unfinished loves or fantasies

When routine and monotony have taken hold of the couple’s relationship, there is a crisis or when the children have grown up and the level of commitment in a marriage decreases, some women choose to fantasize about love affairs that, when they least imagine it, come to fruition. become realities that culminate in infidelities; coupled with this is what is being the great phenomenon today with social networks: meeting an old boyfriend or romantic partner with whom it was not concluded properly or that is, in a propitious way, a form of escape from dreams and frustrations of routine life. Love seems to re-ignite perspective and a host of illusions reappear. There are cases in which the woman even leaves the entire family for pursuing a chimera.

What is truly found

The truth in almost all stories of infidelity is that the woman has all the losers: married men very rarely abandon their families and sooner or later return with their wife and children, leaving only regret and disappointment in the other woman. . Married women who have committed an infidelity are often repudiated by the husband and the family, and what is even worse: the woman is the one who is the hardest to forgive herself, she recriminates her actions, even suffering severe depression and emotional damage. It is curious to note that despite technological advances and the many equal opportunities that women have today, female infidelity continues to be so complicated and overwhelming. And do you know why this happens? Well, because the woman is the one who builds and sustains the family, so her fall is not only about an unfaithful woman, but about the entire fall of the family scaffolding, the loss of trust, values, morals and integrity. of those who make up his family nucleus.

Hence, a woman who takes care of herself and her heart cares for and protects entire generations.

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