What Topics Is It Worth Talking About In A Social Gathering And Which Ones Are Not?

They say that “talking is an art” and, although all people communicate, not everyone knows how to talk.

Although all of us communicate with others, not all of us know how to have a real conversation. That is why when you arrive at a social gathering, it is important that you take into account which are the topics that can help you have a good conversation and which would be much better to avoid.

In fact, the famous book known as the “CarreƱo Manual” warns of some topics and situations that should be followed or avoided when meeting in a social gathering and here we review them and share them with you. We suggest that they be a tool that you have on hand so that it always helps you to look super good with the people you talk to.

The issues that do …

The weather

It is a universal theme par excellence, everyone always has something to say about it. You can open with a phrase like: “How hot (or cold) it has been these days! Right?” and you will see how “magically” the conversation begins to open in a simple and natural way.

The transit

If you live in a chaotic city, you could also start with “it took me X time to get here”, someone will easily make you second and the conversation will develop in an extremely simple way and people will start to comment, since this is something which most people have some appreciation for.

Any show or movie you have seen

Here it is important that if you are going to talk about a film, the theme that the film addresses is not very controversial because it could backfire. In the case of a show such as a play or a concert, you could also comment on it, but try to put aside your value judgments such as “it was very good”, “it seemed terrible to me”, because that could hurt some susceptibilities.

Which ones are better not?


Any aspect that encompasses a political party, candidate or leader is better sent to the “dead file”, people will never agree on these types of issues and the only thing that will cause is that the people who are in that group begin to divide and even to irritate. You could talk about this topic but with people you already know.


It is another super controversial topic par excellence in which everyone has beliefs and points of view that are usually found and begin to alter the spirits of the group of people who are talking. Worse still if you try to attack the Catholic religion, some figure of power within the church or some saint. If you get there, we assure you that it will go like a fair!


Although it has its “soft” part in which everyone could talk, there are usually people who are very passionate about it and do not understand reasons for the fervor they feel towards an athlete or a team. If you decide to talk about this issue it is at your own risk, a good tip is that if you are going to talk about sports, be it, for example, about a game of the Mexican team in which you have done very well or very badly but that is the general opinion.

Surely if you put these easy tips into practice , you could calmly converse with any group of people, this regardless of their gender, beliefs or values. Remember that if you express an opinion you must be tolerant and careful in what you say and of course, how you say it!

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