What To Say When You Receive Bad News

They are options for those difficult moments in which we know that with a few words, nothing is solved, but if they are said from the heart, they can comfort the soul a lot.

The human being by nature likes to talk and even if he does not know about a subject, he is prone to give his opinion. But there is a specific moment when it is too difficult for him to comment. This is especially true when a friend or family member receives unpleasant news, such as a family member’s illness or death.

When one hears this from one’s family member, the listener wants to say the exact words that can bring comfort, resignation, or support to the bereaved. We are never prepared for bad news and in order not to remain without saying anything we resort to ready-made phrases, already written, ready to be said only in those moments. But do these phrases bring relief?

Of course, in many cases the bereaved is stunned and does not realize what can be said to him. However, there are heartbroken people who expect from certain people the perfect words that will make them find that peace that they so much need in those moments, those that can give them the solution to the problem, the answer to the thousand questions they have or those that ask them. They can help turn back time so that moment does not come. Unfortunately, those words don’t exist. But there are other alternatives that can help in those cases.

If you really have esteem for the family member who is going through a difficult circumstance and you want to help him in some way, I share with you five recommendations to achieve it:

1. Nondescript words

Refrain from saying nonsense words; “I love you”, “I’m with you” are always better to say than “catalog” phrases. Do not pressure yourself, say what you feel your heart.

2. Listen

Just sharing a pain always lightens, so first listen to the person to vent; not just with tears, but with words. Let him do whatever it takes as long as he takes out his pain.

3. Hugs

Strong and sincere hugs are always very helpful. It is proven that a hug comforts a person at any time, so it can be said with it: I love you, I miss you, here I am, lean on me, I love you, calm down, I protect you, cry with me, etc.

4. Prayer

Visit family members and propose to say a prayer. It doesn’t matter what religion or ideology you have. The act of speaking or addressing a supreme being, always helps to have a little comfort in the soul and create the firm idea that that relative is well.

5. Follow up

It is pending of the relatives, either to ask about the health of the patient or to speak with them.

For many people it is difficult to go to a hospital to visit a sick person or worse, to go to a wake. It is sad, depressing, and uncomfortable. Just remember that those moments sooner or later come to everyone. Today it is them, tomorrow it can be you. It costs nothing to be aware of other people and less if it is our same family.


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