What To Do With A Child Who Does Not Want To Eat

Worrying because your child does not want to eat is not the best thing you can do, here we give you more information to know how to act.

For Latino women, food is our kingdom, through food we tell our family and friends how much we love them, the most humble family will always offer their food without thinking, we spend long hours in the kitchen preparing food for each and every one of the many family and religious and traditional celebrations that we have in our respective countries and if someone does not eat what we give them, we take it as a personal offense that is only resolved when they eat it, they tell us they like it and ask for more.

Food for us, as for many other cultures, is something serious and even sacred, we thank before we eat it and we always ask because our loved ones never miss it, no one can leave our home without having tried even “a little”

If our children eat, we feel very happy, but if they eat little or stop eating, the world ends for us.

I am telling you all this because, culturally and in our customs, eating is very important, but sometimes these ideas cloud our vision and do not allow us to see some things clearly and we become terribly anxious when the child does not want to eat when it can be normal and even healthy but when we cannot see and accept it, we may even be promoting childhood obesity.

The Children’s Guide reminds us that before stressing out and stuffing our child with food, let’s breathe and consider that our child does not want to eat or has lost his or her appetite for any of these three reasons:

We have been failing to whet your appetite

They say that food first enters through our eyes, then through our smell, and finally through our mouth, so let your child use his favorite dish, the glass with his super hero, and make his food attractive and attractive. Allow him to also contribute to the preparation of the meal.

We have not respected your natural cycle of hunger – satiety

It happens very often that the child eats too much, has little activity and is still not hungry when we are feeding him again. This is the perfect formula for obesity. All of us should learn to eat only when we are hungry and to stop when we are satisfied.

It does not have much energy waste

If you do not have physical activities, it is most likely that you do not have much energy drain and therefore your body will not ask for food.

Now I present you some recommendations that you can try and that surely some can work for your children to eat properly:

You should never force a child to eat

It is better that you serve him small portions and invite him to request more when he wants to do the opposite, serve him a lot and force him to eat everything.

Establish routines and times for eating

The body appreciates it very much.

Gather the family together to eat at least once a day

Eating with someone else always whets our appetite and we enjoy sharing and talking.

Always look for your family to try new foods

A new fruit, a different vegetable, new recipes will help your child experience new things little by little and in the trust of the family.

Prevents the child from eating between meals for a week

and see what time you start to get hungry, then prepare healthy snacks for the next week to eat, then watch another week and check that you are eating your meals on time and don’t worry.

Never bribe your children to eat or with food

Another successful formula for obesity.

Food should be related to happiness, love and

joy therefore do not shout or fight at mealtime, look for a pleasant and quiet moment for everyone.

Enjoy your meal!

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