What Men Look For In Women

Love begins with love: attracting someone is not easy. But what do emotionally mature men look for in women? A pretty face and a body of ten is not the only thing a man looks for in a woman.

If there is something that has always seemed curious to me, it is that men complain that women are complicated. The truth is that deciphering them is not a simple task either; And if that were the case, many marriages throughout history would not have ended in divorce and even the death of both parties.

It should not be denied that there are very lucky women who meet men who do not make their married life complicated, and vice versa. With the above, I am not stating that there are or will be misunderstandings, of course there are and there will be! What happens is that understanding and comprehension will be much easier than if it is a man who has to be deciphered as if it were a crossword.

What does the men look for in women?

They may not only be looking for a pretty face and a body of ten, which – needless to say – deteriorate over time, but it is a fact that an attractive person loses their charm if they do not have qualities that support that physical beauty. And that is precisely what I am going to talk about next:

1. Make it self-confident

Security is like a virus: if you feel safe, those around you will feel the same way. It’s not about being stunning; It consists in whatever you look like, love yourself so much that you do not fall into the error of feeling sorry for your outward appearance or your sentimental or financial situation.

2. Independent

It is not so much that you can pay your tastes and bills yourself. And it’s not that it’s bad that it works, at all; Rather, it is about being able to know what you want, fighting for what you set out to do, and achieving those goals without fear of failure. That quality is inspiring for men, and even encourages them to fight and entrust their dreams and expectations to their partner.

3. Determined

Not doubting in a difficult situation is a quality that makes those around you feel that you are a trustworthy person, in addition to that you will be taken by someone sensible and real, capable of fighting and moving forward despite the obstacles of life.

4. Mature emotionally

The ability to express what you feel clearly, not to blame your partner for your feelings, in addition to not holding him responsible for what only she is responsible for. Also, an emotionally mature woman controls her emotions and talks about them.

5. Who knows how to have fun

It is well known that men like to spend pleasant moments of recreation and relaxation, and if these moments can be shared with a woman willing to laugh even at their worst jokes, to enjoy a game of chess, perhaps billiards pool and even a soccer World Cup or a comedy show, what more could you ask for?

Attraction and love as a couple is something that must be cultivated and encouraged on a daily basis. As a woman, you may believe that you should not please anyone, that if they love you they should accept you with everything and insecurities, but think that not only your partner is going to benefit from you being that way, think about you and what You can achieve it if you try to promote the aspects previously exposed and prepare yourself to be happier with yourself and attractive (in the case that you are single) and, of course, enjoy being more loved by your husband.

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