What Is The Worst Age To Get Divorced According To Specialists

Any age is fatal to divorce, although in some cases it is a necessary evil, but there is one in particular that is terrible.

A divorce should always be the last option but when there is no other alternative, it becomes a remedy that can prevent worse evils. Although there is no ideal age to divorce due to what this implies (and less if there are children involved), there may be the worst stage to do so.

The crisis

There is something that psychologists call a vital crisis, this refers to a difficulty that occurs in life which forces you to make a change, to make different decisions, but not before making you go through fear, discontent, suffering or anguish due to a conflict for which you cannot find a solution.

The age of 50 is where a person can face the most changes. The woman begins her menopausal period (and with this change of smoke, irritability, depression), diseases become present, her skin begins to suffer more pronounced changes such as sagging, dryness and diseases are present.

Some of the problems

With one of the problems that a woman faces when separating at this age is undoubtedly the monetary one, her economic situation deteriorates drastically, which can greatly worry her state of health due to the anguish that this situation could cause in her lifetime.

Loneliness is another aspect that can significantly affect your life and all the changes that this separation can bring. However, for Mónica Cruppi, a doctor in psychology, a member of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association (APA) and a researcher on issues of the couple and family, women have greater power to adapt “they use strategies that focus their attention on the problem and resort to social networks, talk with friends, consult therapists, resume studies, improve their work, get informed, travel, have family life.

What about intimacy and love?

Regarding the issue of love and sex, Dr. Cruppi assures that women tend to give themselves more opportunities but seeking to preserve their freedom “some tend to seek younger men for sexual performance and to maintain a less committed relationship.”

Men also experience complicated situations at this age that does not make it their favorite at all, such as erections, which become less frequent and slower, the appearance of various factors that interfere with erections (diabetes, obesity, heart disease , high cholesterol, high blood pressure).

As you can see, getting divorced at this age implies facing a life crisis that can be very severe for both women and men, since both begin to suffer from a feeling of discouragement for wanting to get ahead.

When men see themselves alone, they usually choose to look for a partner to accompany them, but because of their speed in finding one in most cases, it prevents them from making a better choice, so their relationship almost never prospers.

Why does it hurt so much?

The specialist Cruppi assures that when ending a relationship “the idea of ​​failure, reluctance, that he will never overcome this loss and the burden of the new life” floods the man, who unlike the woman do not have much ability to adapt to the fact of living alone.

When a person marries, it is thinking that they will be able to have a perfect marriage, but when it is inevitable to separate it is terrible, they experience terrible feelings of sadness, failure, stress, guilt, anxiety, disappointment, but these become worse as soon as you live a stage complicated in itself. Although it will always be better to make changes to live, than to suffer a life and as the Spanish writer and philosopher Eugenio Sagnier said: «In this life you have to die several times and then be reborn. And crises, although they are frightening, help us to cancel one era and inaugurate another ».

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