What Is Emotional Intelligence And How It Guarantees You A Happy Marriage

In your marriage, emotional intelligence can be your number one ally in creating an environment free of conflict and full of happiness.

Most of us base the term “intelligence” on a person’s mental ability to develop analytical, logical, and intellectual abilities; What is generally known as the IQ or IQ for its acronym in English.

But there is a very little known term, called “Emotional Intelligence”, which according to scientists has as much or more importance in the level of success of our lives, specifically in our relationships with others. This type of intelligence is characterized by the ability to perceive, recognize and channel your emotions and those of others.

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These are some of the characteristics that people who have a high level of emotional intelligence possess:

1. They are sure of themselves

In his book on emotional intelligence, “The EQ Edge”, the American psychologist, Steven J Stein, explains that when a person knows their interior and is sure of themselves, they are less likely to act defensively to criticism and are less angry.

Within the coexistence in a marriage, it is inevitable to receive criticism from your partner, so if you are a self-confident person, you will know how to receive those criticisms constructively, analyze them and, if valid, do something about it instead of respond impulsively with yelling and anger.

2. They believe in personal and individual growth

A person with a high level of emotional intelligence is always looking for ways to grow or increase their abilities. They do not stagnate and understand that their individual situation determines the quality of their relationships. Therefore, when they are in a relationship, they value and support that their partner also seeks their individual growth.

3. They are empathetic

They manage to get in tune with the feelings and needs of others. This is essential in a relationship. Despite having misunderstandings, it is not difficult for them to also see the situation from the point of view of their partner, and thus they are ambassadors of solutions that please both of them.

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4. They maintain balance and stability

They maintain a healthy balance in their lives, both work and personal. They know that to achieve what they want they need to work hard, but they still value their personal lives and relationships with loved ones. Due to these characteristics, they are experts in separating work from home and do not allow the problems of one to be mixed with the other.

5. They are good communicators

People with a high level of emotional intelligence know themselves and this helps them to be able to speak and express directly what they think and feel. They never have a hard time communicating what’s going on inside of them, which avoids problems based on misunderstandings.

6. They adapt to change

They understand that life is a process of constant change, therefore, they are not afraid of change, be it planned or abrupt. They put their trust in their abilities and adapt in adversity. This makes them wonderful sources of support for their partners.

Possessing emotional intelligence gives us high levels of happiness and helps us to be at peace with our lives. Even if you feel that at this moment you do not have the mentioned characteristics, the good news is that they can all be developed, no matter what stage your life is in.

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