What Is Behind Children Who Do Not Value What Their Parents Give Them?

Are your children out of control? Do you want them to be good people, but you don’t know how to achieve it? Then you must read this article.

As a father or mother, I know that your greatest desire is to give your children all the best. From the most beautiful toys, to the best school. There is nothing wrong or objectionable about that, what can be very bad for the well-being of your child and that of your family, is that in the long run you do not measure the limits on the amount of gifts you give your children , because everything, yes, even the best gifts, in excess is bad. And even more so if you give them everything they want, without even having earned it.

The saddest thing about the situation is that many are the parents who now resort to filling their children with material things, to fill gaps and gaps in parenting. They even do it to mitigate feelings of guilt for some mistake made. If they knew the evil they do to them, they would weigh it twice.

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What about children who have easy access to everything they want?

To begin with, they become capricious and spoiled, and do not develop love for what their parents give them. It is also likely that they will reach a point where they do not estimate what is not of a material nature, since for them the feelings and emotions of the people who love them are easily underestimated.

Something else that happens with these types of children is that they develop an excessive interest in having all the best and nothing comes to satisfy them completely. Of course, you can imagine the kind of adults they will be: selfish, ambitious (in a bad way), possibly despising people because they don’t have money or an image that they consider “valuable.”

Unfortunately, I must tell you that much of the blame for this child’s behavior falls on whoever supplies all his whims. The situation tends to get worse, because if this behavior is not corrected early, then it will be too late. Given the above, then he left you the following tips that can help you better educate your child, so that he learns to value what he has as well as those who love him.

1. It is never too late to correct the path

As long as they are under your guidance and tutelage, you can always deny them a gift that has not been earned or for which they have not earned merit. It’s just a matter of speaking out clearly about why you’ve stopped granting all of his wishes. In the same way, try to keep your promises or you can make it work the same as if you gave them gifts without control.

Something that you can also do is change those gifts of a material nature for details that are representative and that stimulate their experiences, affection and emotions. An example of such “gifts” might be a family camping trip, watching a movie alone with him, kisses, hugs. These acts strengthen the emergence of positive feelings that will replace the pleasure of owning something material.

2. Focus the education you give them at home, on values ​​and principles

Do not expect that at school your child will be taught values, even though there are courses in religion or ethics within the student circle. Principles, values ​​and civility are taught at home from a young age, as it is the first social contact they have with people of different ages.

By learning to relate to other people under the bond of respect, love, generosity, companionship, service (among others), your child will gradually develop those values ​​and principles. These will help you to please others as well as yourself, at the same time they will teach you to appreciate others for who they are and not for what they have.

3. Teach him that working for something he wants is more rewarding

If your child wants something, the most logical thing is that he works to get it. Make him earn it, push him to do it, and teach him about the rewards and blessings of work and effort. That way you will give true value to the things you have or are “given” to you.

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Your greatest gift in life is to see your children happy and prepared as a good and whole person. For this reason, the task of forming them is yours and that responsibility falls on you, do not neglect your path.

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