What Her Husband Is Doing Behind Her While She Breastfeeds Her Son Is What Makes Everyone Share The Photo

Breastfeeding is not just for moms and this husband knows it!

The issue of motherhood should not be considered an issue only for women. Emily Webber and her husband shared a photo on Facebook, the image went viral and quickly achieved thousands of shares, what did they do?

It turns out that Webber was sitting in a chair breastfeeding her young son, a time her husband used to help her comb her hair. Emily wrote the following on Facebook:

True love is to be helped with your hair while you are feeding the baby, since I don’t have much time. So I killed two birds with one stone.

With information from the Newsner website, which broke the news.

Example # 235670 – on how a dad can “help” with the feedings of a breastfed baby…
“True love is blow drying her hair…

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on  Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What is the father’s role during breastfeeding?

The most normal thing during the first months of a baby is that they have a very close bond, because as a mother you have to take care of most of the activities, but what role does the father play? That is why, supported by information from the Planet Mom website, we will tell you some things that both you and your partner should know about the breastfeeding process.

If you are a new mother, it is normal for you to be afraid and nervous when breastfeeding. That is why the support of your partner is important in this period. This will help the bond between mother, father and child grow.

If it is the first time you breastfeed, it will surely cost you work, that is why time and experience will make the task easier and will give you the security you need to continue doing it.

During the exclusive breastfeeding period that occurs during the first days of birth, it is almost certain that you will not be able to do housework, that is why you will have to ask your partner for support, so that he can carry them out, in the same way It is also important for the father to help with tasks related to the baby.

It is normal that during the breastfeeding process you result with excessive fatigue, that is why the couple must be patient and try to relieve your tension, through attention, physical contact and above all love. This will not only be beneficial for you, but also for the baby, as noticing her father’s concern will help create that father-son bond that is always important.

Tips for dads

  • Help as much as you can

Undoubtedly it is important that your wife realizes that you do not leave all the work to her, that is why it is important that you help with the housework or those related to the baby, you can help to bathe or change the diapers.

  • Show affection

In this stage of sexual relations it is recommended not to have sexual relations, so do not be angry about such a situation and show your love in other ways, always keep in mind what your wife feels and wants.

  • Take care of the rest of the family

If there are already siblings it is important that you take care of them, do not leave all the responsibility to your wife. Help them do their homework, wash them, change them and if possible take them to school and take care of their daily activities.

Without a doubt, the help of the father is important in this process of breastfeeding, since you will not only show that you support your wife and love her, but you will also help create this bond between your child, your wife and you.

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