What Happened To This Child Is Evidence That Faith Can Accomplish The Impossible

You can lose everything except your faith, which will sustain you in times of difficulty.

Stories of faith do not always have happy endings, but they always leave great lessons; this is an example of it.

An example from which we must learn

Bailey Cooper ,At just 9 years old, he faced one of the most complex situations that a human being can experience; a diagnosis of cancer.

The first time that Hodgkin’s lymphoma was found, the little boy, supported by his parents and other relatives, managed to defeat the disease; however, it came back some time after doctors told her she was in remission. That happened 2 more times and the last one was almost a battle that they knew the boy would lose.

Despite this, the boy decided that he was not going to die without first meeting the little sister his mother was waiting for. The boy’s life expectancy was short and he might die before meeting his little sister, but he succeeded.

The baby was born and the child was able to pick her up, change her and feed her with the little strength he had, but he reached the goal he had set for himself. After that, the boy, already on his deathbed, told his parents and grandparents that he would have to leave this world to go care for his little sister; but this time as his guardian angel, and his life was turned off.

The trials of life

For those of us who have family members diagnosed with this disease, we know how devastating and emotionally draining it can be, not only for those who suffer from it, but also for all those who love that person.

Despite this, many times the most valuable life lessons are learned in the most difficult and painful moments, which are not limited to diseases only.

Situations such as debt, loss of employment, changes of city of residence, the breakdown of a love relationship, the death of parents, a child or a spouse and even wars and natural catastrophes, put people’s faith and strength to the test. daily.

There are those who can tolerate and pass the most difficult tests, as was the case with Bailey. But there are also people who cannot cope with the emotional weight that a difficult situation can bring to them, and end up doing the most unthinkable things possible.

Job’s story of faith

The Bible is full of stories of faith, but one of the best known even to those who do not profess any religion is the story of Job.

In the old testament we can find the story Job. This remarkable man of God, who despite suffering at the hands of Satan the worst misfortunes that can happen to a human being, never denied God and always stood firm in his love for his creator.

JobHe had 10 children and countless numbers of livestock, and in just one moment he lost everything. Sick, alone and in ruins, the most unthinkable things happened; things that only a human being with immense strength can bear, and he did.

You may wonder what happened, well, God allowed Satan to test and tempt Job and thus show him that there was no man on earth capable of enduring such misfortune without denying Him. But Job more than demonstrated that despite the ruin , loneliness, hunger, and disease, he certainly remained faithful to God.

Thus, as a reward for his loyalty, God tripled the goods  that Job had had in the past, and showed Satan that Job was indeed a man faithful and loyal to his faith and principles.

FE, is it born or developed?

Faith is a spiritual value that can be developed and strengthened.

If you are a person who was born and raised in a family that professed a religious belief, you can have an idea of ​​what faith is; However, it can also happen that simply one day, as a result of some tragic event in your life, you have decided that you simply can no longer believe in God and therefore no longer have faith. It can also happen that you have many doubts about the existence of God.

Whatever the situation you have been through, if you feel that need to reconnect with your spiritual part or teach your children how strengthen your faith, this is what you can do.

1 Take up your prayers

You don’t need to feel like an expert to “talk” to God and get in touch with your spiritual part, you just need the desire to do so. 

Go to your room, garden or the place you prefer and start talking to Him as you would with a friend. Tell him frankly how you feel, your emotions, your pain, your emptiness and your grief.

There is no time limit and no reason to be embarrassed, just do it as many times as you want. If you can, make this a habit and take advantage of any moment you have, when you go on the bus, you are about to sleep or if you are walking; take advantage of those moments to pray.

2 Look for examples of people who have overcome difficult situations

I have done it and it helps a lot, because it clarifies your whole picture. When you do it, you suddenly realize that there are thousands of human beings who have gone through more complicated situations than the ones you have experienced; And so, as if nothing you feel strong and able to move on.

3 Nothing is forever

Neither good nor bad events. Everything in life as it begins ends and the more you focus on your pain or pain, the more painful it will be. Think that that difficult event came into your life so that you would learn something, the faster you accept and learn it, the sooner you will get out of the test.

4 you are not alone

You have never been alone in your life. You may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere suffering the worst of pain, but you are not alone.

Kneel and ask for strength and company, you will not delay in feeling them. You wonder how that feels; because you will feel a strange peace that fills your whole body reaches your troubled heart, and suddenly that everything will be fine because you will not feel more overwhelmed or lost.

I know from my own experience that being filled with doubts, feeling fear can be the daily bread; Despite that, remember that if you have faith like a mustard seed you can overcome the most difficult things in life, and you will even have the strength to face death, just like little Bailey did.


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