What Every Couple From Distant Origins Should Know Before Getting Married.

Do you know what to do if you are planning to marry a foreigner? Here we tell you what you cannot forget to check on your long list of premarital procedures.

Some years ago I met a foreign boy. Over time he became my best friend and later, without realizing it, little by little he, with his qualities, was drawing my attention and falling in love with small details. However, at that time I would never have thought that we were going to end up married and even less that we would have children. Therefore, we also do not weigh the difficulties of having to decide which country to choose. That is why I have prepared this article: so that, if it is your case that your boyfriend / girlfriend comes from a different country, or a distant city, they have an idea of ​​the things necessary to plan a wedding, a family and a new one life next to the person you love so much, but far from your family of origin.

Decide in which country or city you will live

This seems logical, however sometimes the economic circumstances seem to be different in each country. In our case, our life started in Argentina, my husband’s country, but for different reasons we ended up living in Chile.


All bride and groom or newlyweds see their expenses increased, because they must buy the furniture and things necessary for the house, but when they have different nationalities, or both come from different regions, the expenses skyrocket even more. The legal procedures and necessary travel not only take time, but also a lot of extra money.

Have a simple ceremony with your closest relatives

Unfortunately, they will have to decide in which country to marry, which is why I recommend that they make a small list of guests to accompany them at that time. This is mainly because not everyone will be able to afford the value of tickets and hotels for their families.

Coticen different means of transport

Sometimes the weather plays tricks on us, especially if they are living in different countries. So I recommend that if you have to travel by plane, make a “Plan B”, in case of emergency. Now, if you live in neighboring countries, it is better that you also quote the cost of the bus trip, although it is more hours and it is exhausting, it can mean a great saving for your budget.

Make a list of the necessary documents to present to the authorities

Today traveling is much easier, thanks to some treaties made by the different authorities of all countries, however it is equally necessary that you know what to take specifically to immigration and where the office closest to the place chosen to live is located. You should check, for example, if you need an invitation letter, how much it costs to complete the procedures to request a temporary or permanent visa or if they have decided and it is possible, a dual nationality. Do not forget to check how long it may take to process your applications, since some visas last 3 months, therefore you may have to travel to be able to renew it.

Ask if your degree or ongoing studies can be validated

The educational systems of each country and region are vastly different. For the same reason, I recommend you consult the values ​​of the validations of the different titles that you may have in your country. Sometimes you just need a little money and some stamps that certify your profession. At other times you need to study again, because the subjects are very different from those applied abroad.

Travel and get to know both countries

The best way to decide where to get married or where to live is knowing what the other country has to offer. This will make the options they have to survive clearer and more real and will also help them to get to know their partner’s family better.

Get your debts canceled before you travel

Being outside the country of origin is a unique and enriching experience, but to avoid all the legal and financial problems that having outstanding accounts means, it is better to leave everything settled before leaving. If this is not possible, leave a document with official validity that authorizes someone from your family or trust to be able to represent you legally, in order to keep everything in order.

Make a list of the addresses and phone numbers of your family members.

Memory is very fragile, so I recommend that before you leave, write down all the information that you think is important in order to keep in touch with your relatives and friends.

Find out if they need special vaccines to enter the country

Sometimes it is necessary to get vaccinated against some specific things, for example against yellow fever, dengue, etc.

Get a full checkup

When we get to another place to live, many times we do not have everything in order as we imagine, and then the health system takes time to join because you have to do multiple paperwork to be able to go to a hospital or clinic, for this it is better than before leaving You go to your doctor and make sure that everything is fine with your body. If he is not, you should tell him that you will be leaving the country or the city and ask him what you need to know about what steps you should follow.

Carry a stock of remedies

The names of the drugs vary by country. it is best to take the box and show it to the pharmaceutical chemist to see the component and sell you the appropriate remedy.

All these tips I experienced six years ago, when I got married. Of course, it was a very nice experience to live and visit all the places where my husband lived for so many years. But you should know that all the planning of a marriage where both are from distant cities or distant countries requires more time, money and effort than that of two people of the same nationality or city, but all the hustle is worth it because once done , they can begin to enjoy their new life full of happiness.

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