What Do Mothers Do At Home All Day?

Judging mothers who stay at home is a vice detrimental to society.

Some time ago while raising three little girls, a person began to make a series of criticisms and quite acid questions about the women who stay at home to take care of the children and the home. This person, a woman to be more precise, said that she did not understand how much someone could do at home all day, and that surely the mothers were dedicated to watching novels and not stopping eating. And that a woman who went out to work leaving her children in the care of others, really contributed to the home and was not a “kept” who stayed home doing nothing but wasting time.

I remember with great anger hearing his words but even more, I remember how sad he made me feel with such unjust accusations.

I wish I could have told you back then how important and valuable is a woman who goes out to work to earn an income, like one who stays to manage and care for the income and values ​​of the couple.

“There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women”

Madeline albright

Strong words, but that contain a great truth because the worst enemy of a woman is often another woman.

This senseless war between women has taken on an even harsher and more poignant tint when it comes to disqualifying the way of parenting, the motherhood of another woman, or the way in which or not organize your home.

Nowadays, social networks have made it much easier to publish cruel comments and criticisms among mothers, especially young people or with young children, without any measure or care.

Those of us who have raised children and seek to keep our memories fresh, we know and recognize that there are days of many tears, days without flavors and many doubts because we get to feel tired, frustrated and sometimes also, where we do not know if we are doing the right thing in the upbringing and training of our children.

A mother who decides to stay home makes a endless tasks: keep the house in order and clean, have food and clothing on time for each member of the family, manage resources, strengthen the family and neighbors, sometimes even work from home as well, but above all take care, attend, accompany and educate your children; This last task is already quite a feat in itself!

Has anyone criticized or judged the way you raise your children?

Unfortunately I imagine so, and surely the harshest and most hurtful comments came from who you least expected. If this is your case, you can take these tips.

Unfair criticism

If anyone makes a criticism or comment that is unfair, false or that you simply know that what they are saying is not, just ignore it. Do not give explanations, they are over. Do not react aggressively against someone who is surely aggressive, intolerant, and can make you have a very bad time in front of your children or offend you even more.

Fair, constructive and in a good way

Thank it, listen and see if it really applies to you. If not, just throw it away. If that person insists on “educating you” ask him if he knows how a pizza and some advice are alike. Don’t you know? In that both are asked when one wants.


Stay calm and only answer for what is true. If you want, of course, because: Do you know how a pizza and a tip are alike?

Has anyone judged the way you run your home?

I remember reading a beautiful poem that comforted me and made me not lose sight of the most important task that I did at home; I don’t remember its title or the name of the author, but I never forgot the verses:

“P olvo de la casa, can you wait, that I to my child, I want to hug”

The housework never ends and it only shows, unfortunately, when it is not done. Of course, order and cleanliness and cleanliness are important, but now that I am older, I understand more fully that washing the dishes, or leaving the beds very well made, will never be more important than dedicating our time and attention to the appropriate formation of our children, to give them affection, correct them or teach them the correct way to live in this world.

Prioritize, get organized and you will see that everything is possible to achieve when we give it its right place in our agendas and our lives.

Are you one of those who judge others easily?

If unfortunately you have developed the bad habit of criticizing others or judging women for their way and method of parenting, I leave you these gifts of life:

-Review yourself. Well, there is something out there because what we criticize so much in others is a problem that we have.

-Unsafety. Believe it or not, the critical person is a great fearful person who only seeks to feel better by doing less to others.

-Envy? Check if you really are not criticizing and judging what you do not have and would like for your life.

Let’s end the war between mothers

How easy it is to judge others! It will always be easier to destroy than to build, to say “you are doing wrong” to say “Can I help you? or “Courage! You’re doing it right”

We are proposing to change the bitter words for support and encouragement for all those around us. Is that okay?

By the way, you are doing very well, do not be discouraged!

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