What Can Women Learn From Men?

“It is a very difficult question”. The contestant answered the question. What would you answer? Is there really something that women can learn from men?

A few days ago, I heard the new Miss Universe answer the previous question. “This is a very difficult question,” she said. She then misused the adverb “still” when she explained, “Some men still believe in the equality of men and women.” Her assertion was wrong, because it is not that men “still” believe in equality. That would be as much as indicating that they used to do it, but no longer do it. Perhaps what she wanted to point out was that some men do believe in such equality.

It is very likely that the beautiful girl has gotten nervous. It is not my intention to judge you based on your answer; after all, it was millions of people who watched her. That scares anyone. So at home, with no one watching me, no cameras recording my every gesture, I began to think about possible answers to that question. And some that are suitable for me came to mind:

The here and now

If something I admire about them is solving problems when it is necessary, not before the same problem arises. Women, let’s face it! We are very prone to suffer from future problems, which do not yet exist.

“We must cross the bridge when we get to this” would be the perfect phrase to define his way of thinking. We worry too much, they take care. We should learn to enjoy the moment, without thinking too much about what will happen tomorrow.

They know what they want

A few days ago a friend of my son asked him to go with him to buy some shoes. It took half an hour for them to return. Surprised at the speed of her return, I asked why. Shrugging his shoulders, the boy said, “I saw the boots that I liked and bought them.”

Ultimately, that boy knows what he wants. If a woman had been the buyer, it is very likely that the story would have been different. A woman would have asked for another shade, another heel height, or another material. Failing to find it, she would look in other shoe stores and perhaps in the end she would decide to buy in the first store she went to. Then when I got home I would think, “I should have bought the ones I saw at the third store.”

When choosing a partner, a woman may say that she would like a man who understands her, who is romantic, and detailed; and then choose the least romantic boy she could have found, whom she will reproach for never having details with her.

They know how to say no, without feeling guilty

How many times have you had to do things you didn’t want to do, because you felt bad about telling your daughter or your husband no? Then you are upset with them, even though it was you who did not know how to refuse.

Women want to meet the needs of those around us and many times we put ourselves in the background. This causes us frustration. Why don’t you try to relax, say, “I can’t now,” without feeling guilty after thinking about yourself.

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They don’t get hooked on the past

Ask a woman why you argued with her months or years ago, and she will even remind you of the dress she wore that day when you forgot the anniversary of the first day you gave her a flower. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but the truth is that women link emotions to memories and it is more difficult to turn the page. Men, on the other hand, are not so complicated. Once a situation is overcome, they remove it from their head.

In my experience, these are some of the attitudes that I admire from the men around me and that perhaps would have been a better response to the questioning they posed to the winner of that beauty pageant. Now it would be interesting to discern, what is it that men can learn from women?

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