What A Surgery Can Do For A Person. She Was Dying To Become One And The Result Changed Her Life

She suffered all her life for her nose, but her existence gave a great change and now she is completely happy, her before and after is AWESOME.

Everyone often says that the beauty that matters is the one that is inside, and I agree; However, often a little help so that the external looks so good and is a reflection of the person that is inside, nothing goes wrong. On the contrary, it comes in handy.

The truth is that I am self-conscious about my nose, and it’s not that it’s big or very wide, it’s that only if I could make the veins I have disappear would I be happier; So if they asked me, if I won a contest in the prize would I have free surgery, I would accept, I certainly would.

Cinthia’s story

The social network upsocl exposed the story of Cinthia Stanley, an American woman who at 48 years old acknowledged having lived her entire life self-conscious about her nose.

Cinthia always felt “ugly” because of her nose, because when she was little children were very cruel and did nothing but give her nicknames like “pinocchio” or “ski slope”. On one occasion, her husband John asked her what she would do if she won the lottery; She, neither slow nor lazy, replied that she would have a nose job.

To his surprise, days later he received a letter confirming his participation in the television program “The Doctors.” Her husband said that at first he was perplexed, for him his wife’s nose was not a problem, but he knew very well that it bothered him a lot and that throughout his life he had struggled with that part of his body.

To her family she was beautiful just as she was; However, they decided to support her so that, through the television program, she achieved her goal: “to be beautiful.”

Its before and after

That was how, thanks to this program, she received a total change of look : she underwent a rhinoplasty, dental surgery, breast augmentation, Botox injection and hair extensions. When Cynthia looked at herself in the mirror after these interventions, she burst into tears.

Now, her husband recognizes that Cinthia has more confidence and is happy, so he is also happy. And he concludes by saying: «For me, she will always be the woman I married. Nothing changed for me. It’s the same”.

Cosmetic surgeries and their implications

Nice story, isn’t it? However, cosmetic surgeries have serious psychological implications that must be addressed before the person decides to make changes in their appearance.

Although many surgeries help people like Cinthia to have more love for themselves, in many other cases the desire to change something about themselves with which the person does not feel satisfied, has more to do with mental problems, and some of these are:

Dysmorphophobia, also known as body dysmorphic disorder or image distortion syndrome, which consists of an exaggerated concern of the person for a physical defect that only exists in their imagination, or gives a disproportionate assessment of possible physical “defects” that I might have. This makes it look deformed or monstrous when in fact it is not.

Another reason that also leads many people to undergo aesthetic operations is social acceptance, and that is that they cannot cope with the constant criticism and harassment of the media that “sell” a completely unreal idea of ​​perfection; This could be summed up in a few words: insecurity and poor love for his own being.

And taking up the latter is low self-esteem, which is the reflection of poor self-esteem because it is based exclusively on external factors; This leads to poor self-esteem. In this case, the person must begin to be treated before deciding to undergo a surgical intervention, since the amount of external changes will not be worth if the main one, that of acceptance for who one is, has not occurred.

We all have little things that are not to our total liking, there is nothing wrong with making a change when it deserves it, but long before making a radical decision that changes the way you see yourself, check if you really need it.

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