What A Mother Is Capable Of For Her Children

Parents’ lives are full of sacrifices. This article will show you a few ways to perpetuate your image through your love and teachings.

More than once we have heard it said that a mother is capable of everything for her children. Even to give his life for them, and in this statement there is not an iota of lie. The story of a woman whose name is Rowenna, says that shortly after giving birth to her son Freddie, she began to suffer from severe stomach pains. The condition became chronic and the pain was getting worse every day. Rowenna then visited the doctor and after a series of tests discovered that she had intestinal cancer, which led her to reflect on the future of her son, without her. She decided to undergo whatever treatment and surgery the disease required of her, in order to prolong her period of time in the life of her husband and son. When things seemed worse and he felt that his life was in detriment, he began to plan a life for his son, in which she would be present even if he had died.

A mother as well as a father are capable of giving their best for the well-being of their children. Thinking of the situation of Rowenna, this admirable woman, and of the immeasurable love for her son and her husband, I must say that it is urgent that each one of us think of TODAY AS IF IT WAS THE LAST DAY TO HAPPEN IN THE COMPANY OF YOUR LOVED ONES .

For more money that one day we may have, it will never be possible to buy one more second of life, and that is why we must live to the fullest every second of existence; no matter the circumstances or what may be suffered. Therefore, here are a series of guidelines that you can apply to your life in order to get the most out of it, in the company of those you love:

No matter the circumstances of your day to day, take advantage of difficulties

Difficult situations always leave a lesson, perhaps today you cannot understand WHY what happens happens, however, in the near future you will discover it, and that knowledge acquired due to the pain of the tests you can pass it on to your children, to prevent them from falling. In the same mistakes that you made

Tell every day I LOVE YOU to your husband as to your children

We do not know when we will no longer be here. In the same way that I do not recommend ever going to bed upset with a loved one, I advise that you always try to express love to your loved ones.

Teach your children to be independent and proactive

As a child my mother taught me the basic skills of cleaning a house: little by little I learned to wash and iron small clothes; later, when I reached the kitchen counter, I experienced the preparation of some foods, jobs that I hated and made me cry. As an adult, living abroad and losing my job, I found that those tasks that she taught me would get me out of the financial difficulties I was going through. In my mind I thanked her and God, because if I had not learned those tedious trades I would have had to go through serious difficulties in a foreign country. Moral: nothing that you teach your children well is in vain.

Give without expecting anything in return

It is true that the employment situation in many countries today is precarious. Despite that, we are blessed to have a home or family, and some of us have the grace not to go to bed on an empty stomach. Whenever someone asks you for help or collaboration and it is in your hands to help them, do it! It does not matter if that person will use it for good or bad, you only help.

Celebrate the wins, correct the mistakes

And the sooner this becomes the more opportune it will be, it is better to educate the child so as not to punish the adult.

Cultivate a spiritual life in your children

Whatever your religious belief – or even if you don’t have one – try to encourage your children to respect the lives of others and their differences; teach them to take care of nature and animals, educate them in values, civility and respect for the laws of the country where they live.

It is clear that although we are not sick, as in the case of Rowenna, it is also true that we have no knowledge of the date or the way in which we will leave this world. For this reason, this is the time to become aware that the only and best legacy we can leave our children is what we teach them with love.

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