Watch Out! Cartoon Videos On Youtube Are Not So Innocent For Children

Versions inappropriate for children’s audiences online; learn how to control what your children see on social media.

Today it is common to find children using mobile devices everywhere: in the park, at school, at home; even at all hours day, noon and night. As a means of entertainment and education. However, not everything the world of the internet offers is appropriate for children’s audiences.

A case that went viral, with the aim of alerting all parents with minor children, is published by, La NaciĆ³n, BBC, and many media outlets. Some videos transmitted on YouTube of the famous Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer, (which children love), have different versions that are not the originals, transforming them into cartoons for adults with a vulgar and violent vocabulary.

What is the content?

The pig appears in some episodes starring in terrifying and bloody visits to the dentist or cannibal fights, including an excess of scenes of sexual violence and suicide attempt. Dora the Explorer, known to teenagers as “Dora the Seductress,” in some videos visits brothels, tobacco shops, and other unsuitable places.

Along with them appear well-known children’s characters such as Mickey and Minnie, Cookie Monster, the Frog Rene, Elsa protagonist of Frozen, Minios; all of them with inappropriate language, consuming marijuana and carrying out violent actions such as cutting their skin with razor blades etc.

Here a video

Preventive measures for parents

1.Read the warning messages

Prevent minors from using the devices themselves. It should always be supervised by an adult. Sometimes parents do not read carefully the messages that warn that the content of the video is not appropriate for children and with a misused click, they can damage the education of the children.

2. Youtube Kids application

It’s free and allows you to filter most videos that are inappropriate for minors. However, you cannot block all of them, sometimes there is a possibility of error. On the youtube page there is a tutorial where she explains in detail how to inhabit the “restricted mode”, ideally it can be done only on certain devices where the little ones have access.

3. Set limits

It is very comfortable for children to be distracted by watching a video on any device while parents talk, cook, work, etc., however, it is essential to establish limits regarding the use of mobile devices. Set time and preferably choose educational videos, make sure you have seen them before.

4. Report

It is important to report any video you are thirsty that is not approved. On YouTube there is the possibility of doing it as well as on other social networks.

5. Use parental control apps

These tools allow parents to limit the type of web content that a child can view on a computer or mobile device. You can restrict the installation of applications downloaded over the internet, configure the use of programs, set user roles with different permissions, block sites and record a user’s activity.

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It is not about invading the privacy of children, especially when they are 8 years old or older, however, it is essential that parents have control of what children see and learn. It is the responsibility of adults to know how to set limits and teach children to use mobile devices with tools for education.

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