Wanted Boyfriend Or Prince Dark Navy Blue

Many women wait a long time for their prince charming, but when he arrives, he is not the tone they wanted … A dark navy blue boyfriend or prince is wanted.

My mother used to say that we all have “a little antenna”, and that with it we attract who will become our eternal partner. So today I will share with you some “strategies” to “fine tune” it and tune in to the right person:

First: install the antenna

Do you want to have a boyfriend? Do you want to get married? Well forget about it for a moment, let’s focus on you first. Many girls work so hard to find and find a boyfriend that they totally forget themselves and just project the image of “being desperate” to get married and believe me, men run away from women like that. For your antenna to receive a good signal, it must first transmit a correct signal. Work on yourself, on your education and personal refinement; take up your time, play a sport or develop a new skill. In order to? To become someone interesting! That attracts anyone! There is a mistake that women make that drives men away immediately: being too easy or impossible. A woman becomes easy when she does not represent any challenge to the man, someone who does not allow the man to put his skills as a conqueror into practice. And an impossible woman is one so demanding or perfect that she becomes “unattainable.” Check yourself and find the middle ground: a real woman, with goals, with rules and who makes mistakes, who is cheerful but not frivolous, unique, special, different.

Second: guide her in the right channels

When you want to buy makeup, do you go to a shoe store? The same thing happens with the relationships we establish: it may be that your antenna is transmitting the correct message, but not through the correct channel. Go to the places and activities where you will find people with the same principles, beliefs and goals as you. If you are working on yourself soon everyone will notice. You will look more beautiful, relaxed, confident and soon the admirers will arrive. So throw your nets in the right place, you can’t fish a shark in a pool! Attracting men is easy, but attracting and keeping the right man is a challenge. You don’t want just anyone, because you are not just anyone.

Third: quick and practical tips

  1. Check your body image, do you like what you see in the mirror?

  2. Look at the way you dress, is it too revealing? You don’t want to attract men because of your physique, right? Too much cover? Are you trying to hide something? Does your body hurt you?

  3. Check your smile, maybe you are as serious as a board and prevent people from approaching you. Do you laugh out loud? A smile is the best curve of a woman, do not hide it or exaggerate it.

  4. Learn to have a nice conversation. Do you have a topic of conversation? Or are you boring as an oyster?

  5. Take care of the presentation of your nails, your feet and your shoes; You’d be surprised how many men pay special attention to these details.

  6. Remember this golden rule: with women you are the most intrepid, strong and determined; with men you are sweet, kind and feminine.

Fourth and last: don’t get picky!

Perfect or overly independent women are not very nice to the opposite sex. The same thing happens with demanding women, those who only talk about their mother and have no better topic of conversation than getting married, immediately leave the men’s radar. Successful relationships start with human beings who are honest and willing to help each other to become the best version of themselves. Men are looking for a woman to love and to care for and protect, not another mom who constantly tells them what to do and what not to do, or who treats them like little children. Do not be demanding, it is better to be accessible without compromising your principles. Decide to be the type of person today that anyone would like to have as a wife.

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