Waitress Banned A Pregnant Woman From A Restaurant, The Reasons Outraged Everyone On Social Media

Pregnant woman shows outrage to forbid her to be served in a restaurant

It is common to see many pregnant women showing their beautiful belly in the streets, in addition to being comfortable for them, they reflect great respect and admiration from society. Some women even choose to paint their bellies with non-harmful chemicals as a way to express their feelings through art and entertainment.

However, there are pregnant women who have received some type of rejection or criticism for showing their bellies, as is the case of Charisha Raylee Gobin, who is expecting twins and when visiting a restaurant in Marysville, Washington, she was prohibited from entering, for dressing inappropriately .

As reported in Newsner and other outlets, Charisha was looking forward to a relaxing visit to the Buzz Inn Steakhouse restaurant, in the company of her mother and sister. She is in the seventh month of her pregnancy, she is expecting twins and all she wanted was to enjoy a delicious meal.

Restaurant Policies

There are many places that have policies and rules to allow customers to enter their places to receive their services, as is the case of Buzz Inn Steakhouse, which applies the policy of not allowing access to the restaurant to people who do not wear shoes or a shirt.

A surprised customer

Charisha arrived at the restaurant, ignoring the policies of the restaurant. She and her family came in and sat down comfortably. In a few moments the waitress indicated to the woman that she should leave the place.

She was wearing a blouse that showed her entire belly, a long white skirt and shoes. The waitress immediately told her that she couldn’t be served wearing that blouse. The surprised woman asked, Are you serious? The woman affirmed and said that she could not be there, kindly asked that she be withdrawn for violating the health code.

An answer

Charisha is outraged with the treatment of the restaurant staff, so she decided to take a picture outside the place and post it on Facebook, she commented: Ā«Just because my belly was bigger and it was coming out, but if it had been someone else I don’t think there would have no problem at all. There was no way I was staying.

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A public apology

The restaurant posted a statement to apologize for the misunderstanding and promise to speak to the staff so that the rule is not applied incorrectly and that all diners feel comfortable. They even refer to the fact that the waitress had been working with them for 20 years, and that it was never his intention to offend or hurt anyone.

According to what was published in the press, the dress code in places such as discos and restaurants must be previously certified by the National Commission against Discrimination and must be in a visible place, so that people know the terms and rules.

Many conflicts and lawsuits could be avoided by knowing the dress code of the places we frequently visit. However, in case of receiving mistreatment by an establishment, it is important to report it and assert our rights.

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