Video Shows A Baby’s Panic When Her Body Is Mutilated With The Mother’s Consent And Approval

Scientific study shows why doing this is CRUEL and how it will affect your child’s confidence in you (after seeing it you will think twice).

We do it because it is a fashion. We can justify it anyway, ‘she won’t remember’, ‘she’s so small that she doesn’t know what’s going on’, ‘if you don’t put the earrings on her, nobody knows she’s a girl’, ‘the godmother gave her the earrings, no we can say no ‘, but perhaps the truth is different.

We recently posted a story that featured a photo of a baby with a dimple piercing on one of her cheeks.

Most people reacted negatively by criticizing this mother’s “appalling” decision to pierce her daughter’s cheek. However, the photo was faked, this mother was just trying to raise awareness about what we do as parents.

His daughter does not have any body piercing, unlike the daughters of many of the people who criticized her.

Science proves how everything we do as mothers before a baby is born and in the first months of life will determine its future

We think that they will not remember it, and it is true, they will not come in the future to claim the day we held their heads so that someone could pierce their ears in the name of fashion, however, we hurt them emotionally.

Everything we do impacts their lives

Pay attention to the 50 seconds of the video

According to a science verified with a study in the that mothers participated in their last months of pregnancy, that babies remember much more than we think even before they are born.

The study consisted of asking these future mothers to record a word that does not exist, a word that they invented, and to put it on their future babies several times a day. By the time they were born, babies had heard this word more than 2,500 times. When the babies were scanned upon hearing the word again (now outside their mothers’ wombs), their brains showed the same activity as they did when recognizing words they heard after they were born.

“Scientists believe that babies’ memories are not only limited to the words and music to which they are exposed but also to bad things,” says the report published in Healthy Way.

Even when children’s memory is erased as they grow, science affirms that both positive and negative experiences are stored in their subconscious and will be the same ones that will shape their personality. They will be the same ones that will forge who they can trust and who they cannot.

Girls’ ear holes are for fashion only, they do not add any health benefits. Why not let them get it done when they grow up and when it’s their decision and not yours. They are your daughters and you are here to respect and enforce their rights.

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