Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

If you are one of those who wants to hide under the bed every February 14, dodging dozens of messages overflowing with honey, this article is for you. Read it especially if your husband is part of this select club.

I admit, I don’t like Valentine’s Day, also called “Valentine’s Day.” Some years I enjoy the romantic comedy in turn, or the sweets and chocolates that are never lacking, but feeling the demand to show affection according to a commercial calendar seems arbitrary and frankly annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself a very affectionate person, maybe that’s why I find it irritating to make affection a consumer product, corny, strident and somewhat ridiculous.

Fortunately my husband is of the same opinion and we do not give or receive special gifts on those days. I hope that as our children grow, they learn that love cannot be bought or sold, it can only be given. That is why I want to share with you some ideas for, without falling into the game of consumerism, gracefully overcome the season of stuffed animals and chocolate hearts.

1. Look outside

Observe those around you, find a couple who are going through a difficult time and that you can invite to dinner to help them distract themselves; to a friend who has not yet found his or her better half, to your parents or why not? to your mother-in-law.

2. If your partner invites you on a special date, go ahead!

It is not about becoming the “grinch” of love, but about not feeling obliged to board a ship whose destiny we do not share.

3. Avoid buying seasonal items

For some of us, that will require superhuman effort. Unless, of course, that item you have been looking for for days suddenly appears in pink and at half price.

4. Laugh together, but without making fun

Remember that young actor or actress who was your platonic love and laugh at the things you said or did for that love.

6. Don’t go to crowded cinemas, cafes, and restaurants

How about institutionalizing February 14 as Homemade Pizza Day? Or, a family picnic. If you don’t enjoy this date, make it a day to be at home.

7. Stay away from social media

There will be plenty of acquaintances, friends or even family members who flood the network with big hearts, teddy bears and sweet messages.

8. Organize an evening against the current

Relive that series you saw when you were young or maybe a thriller marathon. If you like theme parties, you will find many ideas on the web to organize anti-cheesy parties.

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Much in the consumer environment will be focused on making you feel guilty so that you end up buying dinners, trips or sweets at exorbitant prices. Don’t fall into the game of believing that love is something you can buy. Love is not just a feeling! And if you don’t work it all year long, trust me, the hearts date won’t do magic. That happens only in movies. Remember, love is a plant that must be watered every day.

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And since we are in this, let’s take advantage of the date to think about those who are the loneliest on a day like this. Perhaps, after all, Valentine’s Day will give us the invaluable opportunity to accompany someone who needs us.

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