Vacation! What Do I Do With The Children At Home?

Although the holidays are one of the most anticipated moments of the year, for moms it becomes a challenge to keep their children busy at home. Here are some simple ideas to spend fun family moments.

Summer has started and the children are on vacation. Surely you are happy to be able to get up a little later and not to run in the morning between putting on uniforms, feeding breakfast and preparing lunch for your children. Without a doubt all this is a relief, but you will not let me lie that, as the days go by, one misses those routines and that the little ones are away from home for a few hours. And there comes a time when, without a doubt, one of two things happens: either their overflowing energy makes them run around the house, screaming and pulling out all the toys they are capable of, or they get bored like oysters and they chase you around the house asking: what am I doing mom? I’m bored!

So here I share some activities in which you can distract your children, at the same time that you do some pending at home that perhaps they have waited for a long time.

1. Debug the wardrobe

Surely it has happened to you that every time you wash your clothes and it is time to fold them and store them in the drawers, you realize that there is no room for a single more shirt. This vacation period can be a good time to play with your children at the fashion show: ask them to try on those clothes that you know they no longer have, to parade in front of the mirror and clean their closet. If you do it with creativity, I assure you that it can be a lot of fun for them to discover everything they have grown up in this way.

2. Start a home garden

Children love playing with dirt, getting dirty and discovering new things. If you are fortunate enough to have a small garden or even if you only have a yard, teach your children how to plant. Potatoes are always a very good option to start with this work, since they are easy to grow either in the garden, in large pots or even in sacks. It is always a great experience to harvest your own food.

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3. Make home movies with your toys

Generally, there comes a time when, as with clothes, the toys overflow from the toy boxes and no matter how hard you try to maintain order, it is impossible. However, it is not so easy to get children to accept that they must get rid of some of them, so you have the option to do it on the sly… or keep accumulating them. If what happens to me happens to you and it makes you feel terrible to disappear their precious objects without warning, a good way to convince them could be the following. Much like Toy Story , make up a story with the selection of toys to give away. Get out your video camera or cell phone, and make your own movie. Once finished, find some children to whom you can give the protagonists of the story and keep that beautiful memory.

These are just a few ideas of the many that you can think of, surely you can find some variants of these to keep your children busy, fun and at the same time helping you at home. Good luck on this vacation!

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