Using Mesotherapy To Lose Weight.

Mesotherapy is a technique that has been reporting good results without being aggressive, invasive or very expensive. Take some time to get to know it and you may be interested in experiencing it.

Every day cosmetic science surprises us with great advances and the old saying “There is no ugly woman but badly groomed” is transformed into “There is NO ugly woman but poorly informed” because in the same way, advances in cosmetology also little by little , every day it is easier to find them in different techniques and with more accessible prices.

Mesotherapy is one of these techniques.

What is mesotherapy?

In short, this technique consists of the injection of various substances at the mesodermal level in very small doses and on a frequent basis. This technique began in France with Medico Pistor in 1952, so it is not very recent and has had many years to perfect.

The injection of these drugs is done in specific areas of the body where fat accumulates: the belly, hips, back, legs and some other places of the body causing this fat to be processed and disappear therefore, measures are lost first and as a consequence lose weight.

Mesotherapy is highly recommended for shaping the body, reducing measurements, facial rejuvenation and as an alternative treatment to combat cellulite.

Are there any contraindications?

Generally this technique is reported as safe, not very aggressive or invasive; however, some people may have bruises due to frequent injections, allergies, skin infections due to unhygienic handling and the appearance of subcutaneous nodules.

These types of techniques must be applied by trained and certified personnel in health areas.


If you are going to try this technique, it is very important that you remember these recommendations:

Avoid baths, tubs, jacusis or bathtubs with very hot water

Not sunbathe

Not exercising after receiving treatment

Drinking water

Avoid massaging the area after treatment

Do not apply hot compresses or girdles

The improvements begin to be recognized from the third or fourth session, this means in a month, since each session is recommended on a weekly basis.

Before starting a treatment of this type, visit several places and compare prices. Some clinics even offer free or demo sessions to familiarize yourself and have all the necessary information before making a decision.

This cosmetic technique alone has very good results and if you combine it with diet and exercise, the results will enchant you!

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